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A lucrative extra income (1)

Low blows always come on sunny days. When the sky stretches like a blue silk cloth and the sun shines into the smallest corner. Of course, these low blows then hurt especially. Like greedy maggots they eat and gnaw their way into the mind until the pain takes over. And from one minute to the next, the cheerful day is covered by a gray veil. For the wheat-blond Eva, a small universe seemed to collapse. The reason was obvious, Tim had left her. Her boyfriend, with whom she had been living for two years and who had recently been talking about marriage. Now she was sitting in the soft spring light by the Isar, watching the waves depressed and letting her tears run free. Fortunately, Belinda was by her side, comforting her every inch of the way. “Be happy. Sure it’s hard at first, but soon you’ll find new freedoms opening up for you!” The comfort did her good, as did the prospect that Belinda would soon move into the small apartment.

Tim was forgotten
After a few weeks, Tim was already ad acta and Belinda had settled in perfectly, the two students realized that they were not getting anywhere with their funds. They had more expenses than income. Munich was an expensive place! Even the one or other waitress job in the HofbrÀuhaus hardly improved the household cash. And then one evening the brunette Belinda came up with the idea of working as an escort. Eva gulped, on the one hand admiring her friend’s courage. On the other hand, she couldn’t quite get used to the idea. Belinda had some trouble convincing her. “Don’t be silly, it’s just the two of us doing it, nothing can happen to us. A lot of female students earn their living that way.” To successfully back up her persuasion, she and Eva scoured virtual ad sheets. In no time at all, the girls found what they were looking for in the erotic category. It was probably fate, at least that’s how Eva interpreted it.

A guy in his prime was looking for two pretty young ladies who would sweeten boring Sundays for him. His text sounded quite charming, in which he described himself as a gentleman with class, who called a stylish ambience his own. In addition, and here Belinda got totally out of her mind, there was talk of a generous payment.

Fucking as escorts
“By all means go for it,” she said briskly, “we won’t let him slip through our fingers. The guy’s got a lot to offer!” Without waiting for Eva’s consent, she immediately dialed the attached number and set up a sex date. Beforehand, however, Mr. Anonymous set a condition, they should email photos that showed them in particularly arousing positions. If he would get back to them, the deal would be perfect. Eva was quite shocked, but Belinda placated her. “Come on, a few harmless cell phone shots with frivolous highlights, jeez Eva, you’re not going to back out now.”

Intimate photos
Not exactly thrilled, the girlfriend agreed. But then things got pretty funny after all, and they both even got really into it. Soon they had a very coherent palette of frivolous pictures together. Eva in a large-flowered dirndl, from which her plump melons bulged out. Belinda in a stick-conservative business suit, under which she wore only bare skin. Eva in a black transparent negligee on breathtaking stilettos and finally Belinda lolling lustfully on a fauteuil. The legs spread wide with a view of her smooth rosy pussy. Which, by the way, they had still hyped up with the pink lip gloss she also wore as lip makeup. “That’ll have to do for the guy, my God, we both make a fuss as if we were professionals,” Belinda grinned and toasted Eva with a glass of sparkling Prosecco.

The Sugardaddy
Then they emailed the file to this sugardaddy, who gave his okay not five minutes later. Sunday, stroke three they should ring. But until then it was still a while and they could make appropriate preparations. Among other things they were for the first time lesbian Zugange with each other. Belinda was once again the mastermind and scored with her knowledge, what such a sugardaddy hoped for two young chicks. It was immediately clear to Eva that this was not her first time. On Saturday night, they watched a threesome sex video together, in which a handsome guy gave it to two sweet pussies. Belinda had selected the clip and met Eva’s taste as so often. With red cheeks they sat in front of the screen and when one chick licked the pussy of the other, Belinda also came to the train.

Schwuppdiwupp she reached under Eva’s panty and began to gently tease her pussy. “Ahhhhh, how good, please continue”, at first a little perplexed Eva let her friend only too gladly. It had been a long time since she had been pampered by strange hands that made her Venus region glow. Belinda quickly pulled down Eva’s panties and sank into her friend’s rosy pussy. Eva was on cloud nine as the nimble female tongue lapped over her plump cherry, moving to her plump Venus lips before finally penetrating her sweet cunt. To drive the girlfriend, who by the way could hardly hold herself with excitement, completely out of her mind, she played a little with her rosette.

From her own experience Belinda knew only too well that this double stimulation made every chick take off. The math worked out! Eva, who was additionally hyped by the porn video, thought she would burst with horniness. The finale, which by the way resembled a small volcanic eruption, came just at that moment, when a muscular guy on the screen made a mess of the plump ass of one of the protagonists. He pushed his breathtaking lance almost in slow motion into the oiled backdoor of his lust maiden.

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