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A lucrative extra income (2)

Everyone can now imagine how the evening that had begun continued. Both girls were now so keen on each other that they only cared about their well-being, always having tomorrow’s premiere in mind. They twirled each other’s hard nipples, licked their hot pussies and by no means neglected the rear regions. “The guy will have his bright joy in us,” said Belinda with a grin, who was already completely looking forward to tomorrow’s premiere. If we live out this program together with him, Sweetie, not to mention that I think it’s super awesome with you, I think we’ll be permanently sanitized.”

The next day the weather was dazzling, which of course also lifted the spirits of the two escort girls-to-be. Eva and Belinda, dressed up like never before, took a cab shortly after half past two, which chauffeured them to Nymphenburg.

To the sugar daddy
A short time later, the car stopped in front of an estate that took the two Sugarbabes’ breath away. Mr. X lived here in a spacious villa, which was equipped with all comforts and was already waiting for them smiling at the entrance. He was handsome, in his early 50s, well groomed and black as a raven. Uiuiui, Eva thought silently, such a horny guy like from porn and her pussy immediately started to come forward. Belinda had remembered to be as professional as possible. “So, we must not at all give ourselves a nakedness, that we do this for the first time.” The blonde Eva all in black with rose-colored pearl jewelry, the shiny hair pinned up was an eye-catching counterpart to Belinda, who wore a bright-red blouse with a tight skirt. Appropriate lingerie, hold-ups and pumps topped off her outfit. They had purchased these “work clothes” at a reasonably acceptable price in a Munich outlet.

“Come in, my sweethearts!” he greeted them charmingly and escorted them into a breathtaking ambience furnished with noble fixtures. He offered them something to drink, but then got right down to business. First they should strip in front of him, he would watch them and masturbate with pleasure. He had already provided suitable music, so the two girls just had to get into action. Then he took a seat on an imposing armchair, opened his housecoat, and his bobbing member offered itself to the two female students. Plump manhood, already in starting position, just waiting for the appropriate relaxation. They began with a sensual dance, lasciviously stripped of their clothes, caressed each other’s hot bodies, kissed passionately. Intuitively, without much direction, as if Mr. X had bewitched them.

Mini Strings
When both were dressed only in their teeny tiny thongs, the host beckoned Belinda to join him. She should lie down over his thighs and stretch her butt nicely upwards. He helped her into the right position, patted her tight butt, slowly slid his warm fingers through the smooth notch that divided the two pretty apple cheeks. To slowly reach her sex with his hand. Mr. X could do it, he knew exactly how to make a young lady glow. Seductively, he stroked her plump Venus lips, cunningly luring her cherry. But then he hesitated a little, as if he had the igniting thought. He invited Eva to kiss, lick, pleasure her girlfriend’s sex, he wanted to watch.

A little hesitant at first, Eva complied with his request. But then more and more her desire was inflamed. This was almost the same as what she had seen in the porn clip last night. And what she had lived out afterwards as a couple. In the meantime Mr. X. Belinda draped on a velvet green chaise lounge, like a precious jewel. There she lay now, completely naked and lolling a little frivolously, her legs spread wide, so that her clean-shaven sex was not only an eye-catcher. Seductively, she pulled Eva to her rosy pussy, spread her Venus lips a little and offered the delicious fruit to her friend. While the two kissed passionately and their bodies became one, Mr. X filmed these scenes. Apparently, Eva had succeeded in pushing her girlfriend’s lust to the extreme. Belinda trembled all over, pressed her friend’s head even more intensely against her hot cleft and whispered harshly, “Come on, you little beast, make me even hornier. More rhythmically Eva’s tongue flew over her hard pearl, deeper she plunged two fingers into the warm pussy. And then a moan, a wild cry that indicated an irrepressible orgasm.

Wage as escort from sugardaddy
Later, as both girls lay weary on the ottoman, Mr. X said that had been a fantastic opener today. He would reward them lavishly for their services and slipped them each an envelope. The question of a “standing order” was superfluous. Of sex, money and power they both let themselves be convinced without comment. “My dears, for today it was already fantastic with you, we should consider further rendezvous, I’ll be in touch,” true to form he walked them to the door. Later in their dormitory they made themselves comfortable and let the afternoon pass before their mind’s eye. “Eva, I could get used to it, these meetings would have advantages and boring Sundays would be a thing of the past.”

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