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Fantasies with Claire (1)

Whether I am interested in women? Hm…for a long time I had less of an eye on them, in the erotic sense I mean. I was completely convinced of my heterosexual orientation. 100% yes, that’s what I would say in retrospect. I never really had any desire for a bisexual experience. Ok, ok, as a student I had the one or other going on. With girls! But that happened more out of one or the other emergency situation. Because there were no guys available and I felt like having sex. But you know how it is. Life always holds new surprises and sometimes it clicks at the right moment.

And that’s exactly what happened recently. I met Claire, a very attractive brunette who lives one floor up. We ran into each other in the stairwell on a spring-break morning, both on our way to work. She was uncomplicated and open, in short, a woman of my age who was not only very attractive in appearance, but also a personable person. Later I told my husband about it. Stefan encouraged me to continue the contact, especially since we had just moved in.

Days went by and I found myself thinking about the pretty girl all the time. Then I met her again on Saturdays. Loaded with shopping bags, she more or less stumbled in to the front door, which I held open for her with a flourish. “Come unload everything and take a break, a coffee will do you good,” I invited Claire. How she was pleased and not half an hour later she was sitting in front of a large latte macchiato in our kitchen. We chatted about this and that and at some point I noticed that Claire was blatantly eyeing me. As if in slow motion, her jade green eyes scanned me. From top to bottom, and vice versa. I became really embarrassed, but still thought nothing of it. When I talked to Stefan about it later, he just said tersely that Claire might have lesbian tendencies.

Erotic fantasies
Poff, my own husband had ignited something in me, which was probably hidden all the time. Later we had sex together and when Stefan was just about to spoil my bursting clit with his tongue, I imagined Claire in his place. How she excited my buds with her plump kissing mouth, lasciviously played around them with her tongue and sucked on them, first gently, then harder and harder. Finally, she dove down to my mons veneris, spread my bare cleft a little with her fingers and began to spoil my lap. I am a very open person, so I also confessed my secret desires to Stefan. Later, when we were still cuddling a little together, because so we always let our hot bed games end, I put the cards openly on the table. Revealed to him that it would be particularly exciting for me, I would drive it times with a woman.

I mentioned my attractive acquaintance from the second floor and openly admitted that I found her absolutely sexy. He had always known it, he said with a grin and gave the green light, no, he virtually urged me to start something with Claire. “You know my darling, just the thought of that hot chick fucking you is giving me another full load!” Indeed, his cock stood like one and this time, with the hot neighbor as a fuck template in both our heads, the fuck was even more fun.

Movie night …
A few days later Claire asked me if I would not like to have a cozy movie night with her. But I would love to, spontaneously I agreed and we arranged for the same evening. Stefan was out with his buddies anyway, so it fit perfectly. At half past seven I showed up at her place. I had a Secco under my arm and a bouquet of white hyacinths in my hand. The brunette greeted me with a big hello and gave me a tender kiss on the cheek. The extremely appealingly furnished apartment was illuminated by countless candles, which conjured up a mysterious atmosphere.

Astonished, almost in awe, I looked around while Claire searched for a vase. How romantic it was here, how utterly feminine and yet not kitschy. Just the opposite of our home, Stefan the old purist was adamant about clean lines and our bedroom in particular often seemed so cool that I shuddered. Claire came back with two glasses in which it was sparkling, and toasted me.

Then she asked me to take a seat on her super comfy couch with its numerous colorful cozy pillows. I leaned back, relaxed, and closed my eyes. That’s when I noticed the glass being carefully taken from my hand and placed on the table with a bright “clink”. What an oasis of harmony it ran through me, and I let Claire, whose hands wandered caressingly over my thighs. Hmmmm, that’s how I had imagined it, to be seduced by a woman just like that. And by a pretty one at that. “I liked you right away. Even the first time we met in the stairwell,” she whispered coaxingly in my ear and nibbled tenderly.

I looked into her sea-green eyes and grabbed a lock of silky hair. Sniffed it, heavenly! Hoped that she would kiss me right away. Hui, sometimes I’m clairvoyant, because that’s exactly how it continued. While her mouth sought mine, her tongue pushed through my lips, her hands performed a veritable ballet on my back. As if Claire would play the piano, her fingers flitted over my skin. For there they had positioned themselves freely. My shirt had long since been pushed up and the bra opened. “Show me, I want to see your breasts,” she stroked my firm tits appreciatively. Took a nipple between her fingers twirled and pinched them alternately.