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Adventure in the locker room

Do I like women? Hm, no, to be honest, I don’t really know. Years ago I had something with two three girls. I was still a student at the time and it came about quite naturally when I stayed over at one or the other friend’s house. Especially a little dirty beast had done it to me, a sugar-sweet blonde with the hottest tits that I have seen to date. So with this girlfriend I would have slipped smoothly on the altar of lesbian love. Because she was not only absolutely attractive, but also knew only too well how to do it with a woman. That summer night was unique, especially since it was only through her oral stimulation that I came to exciting heights that I had never experienced with men up to that point.

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Threesome with married couple
Later, I had something with a couple who were friends. It arose as if by itself on a summer evening and I experienced a rushing threesome sex night. But well, the focus was mainly on the guy, and so his partner and I spoiled more the gentleman of the house than both of us. Therefore: The ultimate roar as far as female sex is concerned, it was not. Now I’m 30 and not a child of sadness, although I’m in steady hands. But secretly I longed to spend a nice time with a horny woman. Only that had to be baked for me apparently yet.

Friend had no desire
But as the saying goes, unexpected often comes. On a sunny weekend I slid into an adventure that I could not forget so quickly. In a good mood I went to the next big city on a Saturday, where I wanted to indulge in my favorite pastime. My friend had as always no desire and was ultimately glad that he did not have to carry me the shopping bags. I had made myself great and headed immediately after arrival one of my favorite stores. Here there were many things that made fashionistas take off. Clothes, cosmetics, accessories, but also things of daily life, for the most part useless, but beautiful and above all with the label “must have” provided. As always, the store was packed, but this did not diminish my mood at all. On the contrary, quite incidentally, I could also watch people, at a live show, which could not offer me the best TV program. Slowly I strolled from shelf to shelf, fished the one or other part of clothing racks, inspected rummage tables with T-shirts and let first of all everything work on me.

Just as I was immersed in looking closely at some shirts, I noticed her. A pretty redhead with an exceedingly interesting face, from which green-gray eyes flashed out. Like a big cat, it popped into my head, because not only her features reminded me of a house cat, but also the way she moved, the way she walked. I socialize quickly, so it would have been a simple matter to approach the stranger and make a little small talk. But this time I held back, didn’t take the initiative. Again and again she walked past me, always with several pieces on her arm. She brushed me as if by chance and a discreet scent of expensive perfume rose to my nose. Suddenly a shirt fell to the floor. We both bent down to pick it up, and not a minute later we were engaged in the most beautiful small talk. She introduced herself as Franzi and asked me for my sincere criticism. Whether I would have time and above all desire to advise her in the fitting of these two evening dresses. Nothing better than that, I said, and we started moving towards the dressing rooms.

Wow, those things were very spacious and would have had room for two more girls. Nevertheless, I was quite surprised when she asked me to help her change. Inside, she undressed without any shyness in front of me and offered me a luxury body that almost made my breath catch. Finally Franzi, by now she had introduced herself, stood before me only in her lingerie. How hot she looked with her flawless skin, full breasts and long legs. And at that moment the experience from days gone by came back to my mind. I started to swallow and my heart began to beat faster. As if Franzi had guessed my thoughts she looked deep into my eyes and slowly slipped her bra off her tits. “Do you like me? “, she whispered and simply took my hand and pulled it to her breasts. I stroked her tender skin, slid over her curves and heard her sigh softly. Suddenly she pulled me to her and kissed my neck. Then my lips, pushed her tongue into my mouth and let it play seductively. Hui, how she went for it and especially how good she tasted.

We kissed so devotedly, as if we wanted to win the world championship in making out. The evening dresses were long forgotten, I pushed her panties down and let my fingers slide tenderly through her moist warm column. Hmmm, how horny was that then…. She nibbled on my earlobe and I rubbed her excited lust pearl. In front of the locker room there was a lot of activity, loud voices indicated Full House. But that did not bother us at all, on the contrary, we were still really heated up by it. I squatted down and positioned myself directly in front of her bare pussy and began to caress her very sensitively with my tongue. Franzi squirmed and moaned so loudly, which was particularly exciting for me and brought her close to climax. Her pleasure pearl seemed to almost burst, especially when I gently tongued over it.

I was sweating with pleasure
To give her another kick, I stuck two fingers into her hot cleft, massaging it, but always pausing a little. Franzi was now so hot that she was talking crazy and dragged my head back to her wet delicious cut. Very slowly I licked out her fruity juice crack and let Franzi explode.

But it did not stop there. The sweetness gave me back with equal passion, what she had experienced with me. A little later we left the store, completely heated, in the best of moods and with the unmistakable feeling that this should not be our only horny experience.