Lubricant personal review-Best Lubricant For Women: Our Top Ten Review

AskMen may get paid if you click a link in this article and buy a product or service. And that's alright. Personal lubricant is the quickest, easiest, and probably most effective preventative measure that you can take against dryness and chafing during sex. It can also help prolong love-making sessions, and make your own masturbation more enjoyable. And despite what porn might teach you, it is essential for anal intercourse.

Lubricant personal review

Lubricant personal review

If you do not feel comfortable going into a sex shop, the most discreet way to purchase these products is through a reputable online business such as my company, www. This is one of the chief drawbacks of water-based lube, since we all know that in the Lburicant Lubricant personal review the moment, an interruption is probably the last thing that you want to happen. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. They wash from the body easily too. AskMen on Flipboard.

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Go figure. CopyrightJulie Sibert. Once you have this Lubricant personal review on, you would be like a moving Movie wifey world. Thank you for the tough work! There are various standards out there. When you decide to purchase one of this then you will automatically get the offer. This lube it leaves a silky feeling on your skin after use. This is an excellent product designed to awaken every sense in your body for a great sexual experience. Julie Sibert October 26, at pm. Lubricant personal review friction is still necessary to make sexual intercourse enjoyable for you and your spouse.

Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors.

  • Are you searching for a top quality lubricant that you can use to enhance your sexual life with your partner?
  • Water-based personal lubricants are the ideal tool to keep you sexually active.
  • Personal lube can be used when a woman is unable to produce the right amount of her own lubrication.
  • The value of having good water-based lubricants can never be ignored at all.

Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. While we all might be curious about the best plunger or probiotic tampon or cold-sore remedy , it can be difficult to discuss these more personal items. To help you find the best lube for you and your sex life without having to buy and test dozens of bottles and tubes and packets of the stuff, I talked with employees at adult retailers and sex educators, advocates, and therapists to find the best lubes to keep in your bedside drawer or wherever else you might want to put them.

Carolanne Marcantonio , a Brooklyn-based sex therapist and licensed master social worker, recommends Gun Oil. The bullet-shaped packaging is, admittedly, a little aggressive, but this lube is great for any human looking for a super long-lasting lube. The water-based formula and easy-to-squeeze packaging also make it super versatile.

Sliquid also makes water-based lubes, two of which were recommended by Marcantonio. Another thicker, water-based lube from Sliquid is their Sea formula. Good Vibrations in Berkeley, California has been selling lube for around 30 years, and according to staff sexologist Carol Queen, Ph.

Chris Donaghue , Ph. Tenga has a powerful social-justice mission of elevating the conversation around sex and masturbation, not just sales and product visibility. Ian Kerner , Ph. Plus, it comes in a variety of pleasant fragrances, including lavender and pina colada.

Foria is different from the other lubes on this list for a couple of reasons. It helps with anxiety, it can help women who have pain during sex. And it helps them with increased lubrication, decreased pain.

Called Coconut Love Oil, it comes recommended by Morse, in part because the lube, which contains stevia for sweetness and vanilla extract for flavor, just tastes really good.

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Go to the UK site. Stay in the US. Account Profile. Sign Out. Photo: bn. Gun Oil Silicone, 8 Oz. Sliquid Naturals Silver, 4. Pjur Woman Aqua, 3. Unbound Jelly. Sliquid Sassy Formula, 8 Oz. Sliquid Naturals Sea, 8. Sutil Lubricant, 4 Oz. Please Gel Lubricant, 2 Oz. Tenga Hole Lotion, Real. Foria Awaken. Coconut Love Oil. Tags: the strategist recommended by experts health things we don't talk about valentines day sex More. Read Article. Hunter Original Short Play Boots. Hunter Original Play Tall Boots.

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This natural water-based lubricant will make pleasuring yourself or partner easier and more enjoyable. Once it becomes sticky, it dries out very quickly. Then I got an infection of some sort, so we decided to try coconut oil. It offers ultimate pleasure for the users and guarantees better results. The Wet Platinum product is percent pure silicone without parabens and other harsh ingredients. Your email address will not be published.

Lubricant personal review

Lubricant personal review

Lubricant personal review

Lubricant personal review

Lubricant personal review. Other Articles

Pure Romance. They have different varieties though. Firefly Organics. While we appreciated that this one seems to be well made, we found that it became tacky too quickly. I had a few readers recommend it, though, so I know it does have a following. K-Y was one of the first to offer lubricant and they have really broadened their product list. We tried the Yours and Mine, which supposedly increases the sensations for the woman and the man.

So there you have it! My insights on a few lubricants. I highly encourage you, though, to not necessarily take my word for it. If you want or need lubricant, try a few and see what you and your spouse like. You could also check out what Paul Byerly has to say in his post Got Lube? Your sexual intimacy is worth it! Any lubricants you would recommend?

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Please click the button only once. It may take up to a minute to process. Also, there might be an allergy involved because of the rash and irritation afterwards. We will have to look into some of your other suggestions. This is fabulous! I will second your vote for Sliquid, and I like that they provide samplers so that new customers can try out an array of their products and see which ones they like.

However, the lubricants that supposedly warm up to enhance sensations—yeah, that stung so bad I was wincing and running to the bathroom to wash off. Just a warning, ladies, in case someone else might have this experience. Hopefully it works for us. Coconut oil all the way! Can use it for cooking and sex separate them before use… , and you can buy it at Costco. I appreciate you and your husbands dedication and willingness to research for us.

Thank you for the tough work! I think I we might have to try some new items. Insightful and helpful essay. Married couples ought to make use of lubricants as needed. The natural alternative, coconut oil, sounds good. The flavored lubricants are likely intended to make oral sex more appealing, and can help when both taste and extra lubrication are concerns.

If extra lubrication is not needed, some couples improvise and make use of a piece of chocolate or a mint in their mouth before starting to alleviate taste issues. It is advisable to read the listed ingredients as some lubricants may contain some chemical compounds that might be better left out of the mouth. We get it in a big white plastic jar at Walmart. Works as massage oil, also. We keep a smaller container in the bedroom.

Natural oils that you can buy at the grocery store are great. Inexpensive, and safe to put in your mouth. A lot of people swear by coconut oil, and it does have a nice texture. My gynecologist recommended almond oil, and I really like it. Unlike coconut oil, it is liquid at room temperature. We tried Pure Romance and thought the same thing—it was just weird!

Then we went to water-based KY, which worked great for a while. Then I got an infection of some sort, so we decided to try coconut oil. It took a little getting used to at first, and I wish I had known how easily it stains the sheets! Definitely keep something nearby to wipe your hands!

You might want to add Alboline to the list. Find at Walgreens. Also good when the kids ask about it. Coconut oil for us is the best. We like it, it melts in your hand and is not overly messy like most oils. It also soaks into your skin, not too slick, just right. We have tried many lubricants over the years and still like coconut oil the best. Another vote for coconut oil! I actually love that, depending on the season, it is solid at room temperature- helps placement.

I guess I accidentally gave my husband a hand job with coconut oil. I had just given him a back massage and I rolled him over and went for it. We agree that Sliquid is great and in addition to that we also carry Jo Agape which is formulated specially for women who desire the silky smooth feel of JO without any glycerine, Silicone or oil.

JO is recommended worldwide by doctors and pharmacists and will never be sticky or tacky, leaving your skin feeling silky and smooth. She gets annoyed. Your guess is as good as mine. Just another area of our marriage she liked having control over, I guess. Topper: stop sighing. She only has control over what you allow her to. Simply decide that you deserve the marriage intimacy that Julie writes about, and proceed from there. So exactly what action are you recommending should an ultimatum be ignored?

Here is the one that we use and really like! We also researched this online before purchasing and found Slippery Stuff to have positive reviews. We purchased online from drugstore. Pingback: Lubricant Aqua Lube So this may be a dumb question but WHO puts on or uses the lube?

Me: I use lube all the time during sex. My wife puts it on me, I put it on her during foreplay. Several of the lube products you mentioned have nerve disrupting chemicals in the them called parabens or phylates. I just thought you should know, they are harmful. I noticed it as well.

There are some great natural lubes out there that dont contain ingredients linked to breach cancer such as parabens. Check out Simply Slick and Aloe Cadabra.

Intimacy in Marriage. Nooky Lube is a natural water based lubricant that is petrochemical, glycerine and paraben-free. On a side note, our Sliquid is in a handy, automatic, hands free liquid soap dispenser. One of the kind that you just wave your hand under and it dispenses a specified amount. Picked it up at the local bed and bath store.

Works great. I have a bottle of Swiss Navy silicone lube on order but have never tried it so we can update after it arrives if anyone is interested. Coconut oil is great but like any fully oil based lube, it has a bad habit of staining and can be difficult to clean up after.

Many thanks for all the well informed comments. We have been married for 35 years and things were neglected but we want to rekindle the fire. We will try lubrication for the first time; just ordered three different types, so I hope this is a new chapter for an oldish book.. The absolute best lubricant is to bring your wife to orgasm orally before sexual intercouse. I liked your precaution part, but you might add the two man ingredient parabens and glycerin people should avoid.

Even some of the best brands in the market got these two destructive element. My wife Tammy and I tend to have sex often sometimes she gets really dry and hurts me physically. Love the lubes. You really works hard to provide here all the top product of present market. You may add here also the Maple Holistics Natural personal lubricants for sensitive skin.

But i normally use Astroglide lube because of my spouse prefer this. Whatever natural lubricant always best for getting natural intimacy of sex. I really think people overthink the whole lube think, going to amazon or any lube review website, you should find the treat. Also, you should be ready to try a few before zeroing in on the perfect for you. The one that works for might not work for you but you can start there and expand. Many praised the coconut oil, but nobody wrote how to use it.

Can you please explain. Do we Insert the oil into the vagina or on the penis? Is there any side effects, due to the oil? Please enlighten me. BBB … Coconut oil typically comes in a solid form, but as you warm it in your hands, it will liquify. Start with a small amount applied to either the penis or the vagina.

If there is too much friction, add more. If there is not enough friction to create pleasure, then wipe some of it off. Hope this is helpful. Any suggestions for a post menopausal female with sand paper vagina who absolutely needs lube to alleviate pain but the decrease in friction caused by the lube decreases sensation for my husband who then has a hard time maintaining an erection?

In your post you mentioned that some lubes could cause a yeast infection. Could you send me a link to some research if you have one. Amost everytime we make love she gets an infection. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I want to tell you more about me and this blog. Click HERE. When you get this water-based lubricant make sure to read all the label information that is found on the delivery.

This type of water-based lubricant is also liked by many people since it compatible with the latex condoms only. Another thing that will make you go for this product is that for the married couples or those who intend to have sex K-Y Jelly lube prepares you for a wonderful sexual intimacy. And, it reduces the discomfort of the vagina in women getting too dry during sexual activity. If you are the kind of a person who does not need to feel any sort odor or smell then this is the ideal product to go about for it is built with a fragrance-free and is a non-greasy formula with a frequent recommendation from a doctor.

We all love scented condoms. How about you try this scented water-based lubricant. This is an excellent product designed to awaken every sense in your body for a great sexual experience.

The product boasts a safe and secure construction with no chemicals or Paraben. Furthermore, this is a toy-friendly lube which offers compatibility within all condoms. Its excellent construction makes it perfect for al condom types and brands. What makes it better is the fact that it comes in a scented form. The scent awakens your senses thus making sex enjoyable and more pleasurable. This product also comes in a convenient size making it ideal for use in different places.

The non-stick design makes it perfect and easy to clean. Another thing, the product also comes in a hypoallergenic nature and this thus safe for everyone. This liquid based lubricant comes in a convenient 5. It offers ultimate pleasure and also offers safety for the users. It boasts safe and non-toxic manufacturing making it ideal for use by different people. Additionally, this product goes at a fair price thus making it ideal for use by different couples. He non-stick design makes it perfect for use since it leaves no mess behind.

Another thing, this product guarantees comfort by ultimately reducing friction. It also offers a more sensitive sexual intercourse for maximum pleasure and better performance. Another thing, the product mimics the natural moisture thus offering an almost-natural experience. This is such a wonderful lube and currently, as a way of marketing, there are good offers in store for you. When you decide to purchase one of this then you will automatically get the offer.

The personal lubrication that comes from this lube for women is long-lasting and it neither sticky nor tacky making it easy to clean. And, it does not leave any of the dark stains on the clothes or sheets. If you are the type of person who is looking for a water-based lubricant that is of the best quality and with an excellent price then try this model out I assure you.

So, you will the services of the product. Actually, the prices of the water-based lubricants differ and if you go to the market you will find some of the lubricants to be so expensive yet they provide less lube. Consider having this great product for use since it is designed in a way. It has percent balance and does not contain parabens, vitamin E, oil enriched, and glycerin.

Which is made in the USA with a pleasant look. It makes it so edible for oral sex and built in a way. So, it is silky smooth and stains free. They have proven to be toy friendly over a long period of time and it is so clear. The silicone-lubricants can be able to degrade the silicone and rubber toys. It is termed to be safe with amazing sex toys for couples or partners who feel like getting intimate. If you feel any sort of a headache, painful sex, menopause, and dryness then you should consider using Aloe Cadabra Natural Personal Lube since it is doctor recommended.

Some of the features of this water-based lubricant that makes it a good choice to go with are that it is great as a daily moisturizing. And, it contains the high-grade formula for pleasant support and comfort together with a natural feel.

If you are that person who has sensitive skin then this is the perfect water-based lubricant you should try to use. It is designed with the best silicone lube for sensitive skin and there is no parabens, glycerin and hypoallergenic. Unlike other models, this type of water-based lubricant is the longest lasting most amazing feeling silicon lube in the market. When you purchase this then it comes readily packed with the best Body pleasing ingredients are found not to be sticky and not to dry out.

You may want to uphold hygiene and avoid any type of odor then this product it the right selection choice for you since it is odorless and discrete. The wonderful thing about this water-based lubricant is that it has a discrete label and it is percent money back guarantee.

It is designed in a way that it is able to clean up easily and there is no spot of any stains. It has a great feature that is the natural water-based sexual lubricant that is very much useful for the sensitive skin.

This is a sexual lubricant that is meant for everyone in need. Lublife Water Based Personal Lubricant is formulated in a perfect way that it uses pure ingredients to deliver on a natural feel and stay completely away from parabens, glycerin, and silicone. Unlike other water-based lubricants, this ideal choice is made from only the highest quality ingredients and that it is well designed for smooth sensation and soft skin. It is termed to be compatible with most toy materials, natural rubber latex, polyurethane, and polyisoprene Condoms so that you can be able to play in a safe manner on whatever your pleasure.

If you have a headache, painful sex, menopause, itching, and dryness you should be able to make use of this water-based lubricant as it is doctor recommended.

When you decide to use this great model of water-based lubricants you will find out that the experience compares with other models is far much different as this type is able to deliver a long lasting silky feel and will not be able to get sticky. However, it is also designed with a premium and pure Silicon based tube. They have an extra reservoir for one to deposit their sperms thus hindering any chances of bursting.

Additionally, the condoms boast a soft and smooth construction making them more comfortable. The safe non-toxic material makes them perfect for those with sensitive skins. Something else, these are non-sticky and mess-free condoms which leave your bed or whichever area you use them clean and neat. Additionally, these condoms guarantee ultimate protection against all STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

They allow one to enjoy without facing the risks associated with unprotected sex. This is a medically-proven and recommended water based lubricant for men. It boasts a premium-quality construction with safe and non-toxic ingredients for ultimate safety and better performance. Something else, the lubricant enhances comfort and pleasure by reducing friction. This is a trusted product whose performance beats the others bar none.

The product also features a non-staining construction thus keeping the area neat and mess-free.

Lubricants are not just for older couples, or for anal fun, although these are consumers that will certainly benefit from lubes.

Everyone should try a good lube at least once to experience the difference for themselves. Even women who generally have no dryness issues can benefit from the enhancing experience of lube.

Pros : Water-based lubes are smooth and slippery. They wash from the body easily too. A big pro for some is that water-based lubes are condom compatible; a must if you rely on condoms for contraception.

Cons : Water-based products absorb into your body, and vaginal membranes are thinner than the rest of your skin. You may also have to re-apply water-based lubes as they can dry up quicker than oil-based versions. Water-based lubricants may also contain glycerine, which some women are sensitive too. Always wash off lube to avoid any bouts of thrush or soreness. No falling asleep now! Pros : Often seen as a half-way house between water and oil, silicone lubes can provide the best of both worlds.

Oh, and they work in water for shower-time fun too. Surely silicone must be the best lubricant for women you say? Well, possibly not because…. Plus, they can stain and require more cleaning up than water-based versions. Pros : Oil-based lubricants are heavier in texture and stick around longer than water or silicone products.

Cons : They can be a bed-sheet killer. Also, condoms and toys can get damaged by the oil which breaks down rubber. Always check the instructions. Oil-based versions can be tricky to wash off your body, and sometimes they can taste like Vaseline. Their cloying, artificial smell may remind you of new bike tyres.

OK, so now you have some information — brace yourselves, here we go on a lubed up rollercoaster ride in no particular order.

This premium lube is applied directly to the clitoris and labia, and may provide some orgasm-enhancing sensations. Their official website claims HerSolution Gel is doctor approved because it featured on The Doctors TV show, where it was recommended as a way to combat vaginal dryness.

The best lubricant for women ought to increase the chances of an orgasm, so this may be one to try. The ingredients in its organic range are certified organic botanicals, which are added to the Sliquid Naturals core range. These botanicals are said to condition skin and are free of parabans, sulphates and other nasty ingredients. Some lubes include perfumes and colourings, but the best lubricants for women should be as natural as possible, making this one a winner.

Vigorelle is marketed as a libido-enhancing lube. It has all-natural ingredients which claim to provoke deeper, more intense sensations than ever before. The blend is formulated from plant extracts, including blood-flow stimulants such as L-Arginine. This lube is a popular water-based choice, and its added libido-enhancing claims may make it a great lube. Yes really, this kitchen ingredient is hailed as a cracking lubricant. Problems with this oil are that it stains the sheets, is difficult to wash off, and can get too slippery.

That said, it smells fantastic and no-one will know what you are up too when you buy it at the supermarket. Plus, you can fry up some post-coital crepes if the mood takes you. Some say the best lubricant for women is getting their partner to cook!

Shakespeare is turning over his grave right now, but the concept is good because the best lubricant for women might not be the best lubricant for men.

The KY lubes are readily available in pharmacies and super-markets. They are good value too, which makes them great for beginners who are searching for their favourite lube.

Unfortunately, this product has nothing to do with sexy female car mechanics, but all is not lost. If you like vanilla. Want to experience the Zestra Rush? The Zestra rush is a tingling, warming sensation that Zestra claims takes place when their oil is rubbed into the clitoris and labia. The Kardashians probably know a bit about the best lubricant for women.

This was one of the first lubes about and remains pretty popular. Their water-based sensitive skin lube could be good for women with sensitive skin or allergies. This lube is water-based and comes in different sizes. Perfect if you want to find the best lube without spending too much cash.

If you are looking for organic, then this is a winner. This may stop irritation occurring. Yes comes in an oil-based version too, which can also be used as a massage oil. Yes has many ethical awards under its slippery belt, but is it the best lubricant for women? Discover the magic — Oooo! That sounds fun. Valentra is an organic, water-based topical cream that may boost libido in women. There are no known side-effects from this cream, in fact Valentra believe its ingredients may even be good for you.

Jump in and start experimenting. Finding a good lube can make a huge difference in your attitude to sex. Take inspiration from the above selection and enjoy yourselves. Of course if you change your mind you can unsubscribe easily by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email.

I noticed there are no silicone lubes on your list. I know they can be a problem for for silicone toys but the best ones are good for everything else. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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Lubricant personal review

Lubricant personal review

Lubricant personal review