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I have a small room, 10' x 10' great acoustics for suround, btw. The corners hold speakers and a pretty good subwoofer. These details do relate to my question. XKX X XEX XX

Ak rocker chair power strap

Ak rocker chair power strap

Some designs allow you to listen to music from your iPod and connect headphones. Must Buy Items with a gamer's chair. Evidenced Ak rocker chair power strap the fact that the mouse can be adjusted from a meager DPI to a baffling and totally unusable 12, Will the seat fit in your gaming area or office? Read more about hcair X Rocker chairs here. Posted: Tue Sep 18, pm. A double layer of this, cut to fit that's the hard part rpcker, under the "skin" makes these the most comfortable chairs. The softness of the cushion on the seat is wonderful and sinks in really well with great return form.

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So now I'm thinking, "Oh, right, of course, a rocking chair. Couldn't be chaur. Jane M. Lower this chair since my son was born 25 years ago. If it had a joystick on the side, a swivel-out keyboard for the handy hotkeys in Age of Kings and maybe a steering wheel for the racing games, I'd think it was a good idea. I look forward to many years of enjoyment. And Ak rocker chair power strap low to the ground, so you get a good gamer's eye opwer of your TV. Thank you for Teen tgp tiny tit help Reply Carolyn J on Jul 17, All those items are available through Rockler. It was just like what I had. It's possible to use it as a tobaggan, if you use it backwards.

See the best gaming chairs in one place right here — why not read our in-depth guide to find the best chair right now?

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  • I was in Best Buy the other day and I came across what looked like a car seat attached to big plastic rails , and I'm thinking, "Okay, I'm not usually interested in car seats, but I have to know what this is.
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See the best gaming chairs in one place right here — why not read our in-depth guide to find the best chair right now? Comfortable and high-quality design. Taller backrest and wider seatbase supports all.

We are here to direct you towards the best products on the market and can help you save money whilst helping you enjoy the comfort and efficiency you deserve. We can direct you to stylish gaming furniture for tall, short, big and small people, providing you with impartial reviews from experienced male and female PRO gamers to help you make sense of the market.

There are many great reasons for investing in the most comfortable gaming chair available to you. Why not dive in right now! An extended backrest is included to help cushion your neck and spine while special soft armrests help to protect wrists and shoulders. Universal casters, adjustable seat flexibility, lifetime warranty on frame, integrated headrest, and tilt mechanism name the many features that are seamlessly integrated into this chair.

Another in a long line of chairs made by X Rocker, the Pro Series represents a continuation of the quality, thoughtfulness, and usability that have made other chairs by this manufacturer so popular. The built-in radio wireless receiver comes with a wireless transmitter that can work with any source around the house. Included in the chair are two speakers as well as a sub-woofer that utilize 2.

Along with the ability to connect multiple game chairs. The X Rocker gaming chair separates itself from the crowd by being excellent at watching TV on, reading, listening to music, and of course, playing computer games. The Clutch Throttle is a relatively newish chair designed by the company Clutch Chair. It was like a watered-down version of the DXRacer in terms of design but how does the clutch throttle chair hold up in performance and comfort?

The comfort level of the chair is phenomenal. The padding on the base of the chair where you sit your rear end on is relatively comfortable and quite impressive. It comes standard with a lumbar support pillow for that extra layer of support and comfort. The comfort level of the chair is quite impressive as it should be with the high price tag of the chair compared to some of the others on the market. The neck and spinal support are also impressive with the high rise comfortable neck padding.

It comes in a wide assortment of colors and red was our favourite. It comes in different colors but we decided to look at the white and blue chair. The wheels on the base caught our attention first. The lumbar cushion on this chair is extra-large and super soft to the touch. The softness of the cushion on the seat is wonderful and sinks in really well with great return form.

The durability and comfort of the chair stand out first and foremost. The heavy-duty metal frame supports weight up to pounds and the thick padding attached to the base makes it a very comfortable experience.

The cosmetics of the chair while they add no real benefit to your comfort, are still a nice and unique touch. The straps in the background that range from the neck cushion pillow all the way down to the lumbar support are a nice touch and we liked the shape of the neck cushion pillow. Most of these pillows come in a very flat square shape but the curve on this chair allows you to relax even more. The chair has a wide range of flexibility and allows you to lean back to a complete degrees.

The customer support offered by Ficmax is excellent as well, they have a great warranty and product replacement plan. Cohesion offers supreme comfort, coupled with a definitive, immersive gaming experience. The Cohesion XP 2. Cohesion XP 2. This chair is built for long, intensive gaming sessions. The audio quality for the Cohesion is definitely impressive, as well, offering full, rich sound. The logo is proudly displayed on the lumbar pillow and the headrest pillow as well, so what can you expect out of these chairs and what kind of quality are you in for?

So aside from the design, what else does this chair have to offer to help up the pricing point and help sell the point of the chair? We like the powered gas lift that comes in the base of the chair. As with many X Rocker chairs, the Pulse 2. Placed on the ground, the rocker seat holds itself in place and eliminates the risk of falling backwards through its design.

Built into the X Rocker are two speakers as well as a sub-woofer. These expand your immersion by making the game come to life as you are placed right into the heart of the action. The RCA outputs allow you to play music from any source with 2.

Along with bringing better music quality directly to you the X Rocker is incredibly comfortable with its padded headrest and ergonomic design. Altogether, you are left with a chair that is fantastic for games, great for listening to music through, and comfortable for watching TV, reading, or relaxing. The X Rocker is an updated model designed to improve on early rockers released by this company. The simple rocker design and colouring makes the X Rocker stylish while its ergonomic design with backrest helps to make it comfortable for long hours of gaming.

As with many X Rocker chairs, the comes with two speakers as well as a sub-woofer offering 2. Included and built into the chair are separate controls for the volume, allowing unseen customization in audio quality and the ability to change the overall volume and base.

Unlike other chairs on the market, the X Rocker Along with everything already said, an additional RCA cable is provided. Whether you decide to game, read, or watch movies, the X Rocker improves the experience and provides excellent comfort. The Arozzi Enzo game chair is a unique combination of sleek comfort, style, and great looks. It has an ergonomic design that gives you the right posture when playing your favorite games or watching your favorite sport.

You can easily transition from work to playing video games on your PC with this chair. It has a degree swivel and an adjustable gas spring. Its light weight The Arozzi Enzo has thick padding on its backrest, seat and armrest that gives your maximum comfort for extended gaming hours. You do not have to worry about cleaning the swivel chair. It is made of UP leather that is not only comfortable to sit on but also easy to clean and maintain. You can tilt the seat for more comfort and use its lock function for stability.

The lock function works in its upright position. The swivel chair has five high strength nylon wheels that guarantee your stability and safety even in intense gaming moments. The chair comes in black and blue colours. The unique features, sleek comfort, warranty, cool colours, and considerably low price make the Arozzi Enzo chairs a best seller.

The Cagliari by Turismo Racing is a patented racing seat built to keep you comfortable for more than eight hours of intense gaming. It has an ergonomic design with extra foam padding on its seat and backrest for maximum support and comfort.

The Cagliari is your best choice for extended gaming hours. It has a high straight backrest with an in-built angle adjuster. A high backrest allows you to rest your neck and support your spinal cord. This feature is rare in many gaming and office chairs. The Cagliari has adjustable armrests that protect you from kyphosis and ensure that you do not hurt your shoulders while working or playing. Its wide pad enables you to use the mouse for long hours without hurting your arm.

Additional features that make the Cagliari popular include an integrated headrest pillow, footrests in its Aluminum base, unique tilt mechanism, and lumbar cushioning. You can adjust this chair to suit your desk or gaming station. Turismo Racing guarantees the safety of its client by with a star-shaped iron base.

The strong base enables you to move the seat safely around your home or office. The red and black Cagliari is a rare representation of modern design, maximum support, comfort, stability. Switching from watching to the TV to playing music or videos games is now easy with this rocker chair. You can sit all day, enjoy all your favorite programs, and listen to music on this chair without hurting your back, this chair is a must for an Adult Gamer. You have a side control panel where you can adjust the volume and bass of your music.

X rocker pedestal chair comes with an inbuilt 2. You will experience great sound like never before whether you are watching a movie or enjoying your favorite tunes. You will enjoy wireless audio transmission and can listen to music using your headphones. The X Rocker Pedestal is your best pick if listening to quality music while playing videos games is the perfect way of enjoying your leisure time.

The rocker chair will not take all the space available in the living room. It has a fold-able design that allows you to move it to any location.

Its upholstery vinyl cover is durable and easy to clean. You are guaranteed to use this seat for a long time without thinking of replacing it. The chair is black in color with silver flip up arms and weighs approximately 47 pounds. Few gaming chairs combine elegance with amazing gaming technology but this rocker chair gives you that combination and more.

It has a black elegant cover on its body and silver plastic arms. The rocker has black wireless rails and quality speakers to give the best sound when playing your video games. The seat is also compatible with most models of home theaters and iPod. It has a side control panel where you can adjust the volume and bass of the speakers. X rocker is compatible with Wii, Xbox, and PlayStation.

How is the web secured to the frame? Very happy with this product and company. Tom S on Feb 3, Clips were great for rewebbing my wicker couch and chair. The kind Rockler sells seems to be the right kind and the customer reviews confirm it.

Ak rocker chair power strap

Ak rocker chair power strap. Feeds. And. Things.

Retailer Walmart. Number of Pieces 1 2 4. Lifestage Adult Child Teen. Features Back Support. Search Product Result. Product Image. Product Variants Selector. Average rating: 4. Best Seller. Average rating: 2. Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 8 reviews 8 ratings.

Product Variants Selector Show More. Average rating: 3. Average rating: 1. Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings. Average rating: 3 out of 5 stars, based on 2 reviews 2 ratings.

Average rating: 4 out of 5 stars, based on 56 reviews 56 ratings. Reduced Price. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. Average rating: 4 out of 5 stars, based on 18 reviews 18 ratings. Average rating: 4 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings. Email address. Please enter a valid email address. Walmart Services. Get to Know Us. Customer Service. In The Spotlight. Shop Our Brands. All Rights Reserved. Thanks again. April 11, The webbing is very strong and also very flexible to work with.

My project came out very well and I have full use of the seat. The rocker glider is a great piece of American history and well worth bringing it back to life. April 5, Samuel S. I searched the internet and your company was the only site I found that sold what I needed to repair the chair.

You also provided directions that were simple and easy to follow. Now I have a like rocking chair that is super comfortable, thanks to your seat webbing. April 4, Marsha R.

Prompt service, product was just as described. Project completed in 20 min! My 18 yr old chair is as good as new! Lynette W. March 3, David P. Been looking for webbing for our chair. These were perfect. Arrived a few days after I placed the order.

January 10, John S. Just what I was looking for to repair an old platform rocker. December 30, Charlotte B. Exactly what was needed! Couldn't find these anywhere else. Installation took about 10 minutes five strips, ten brackets and all I needed was a pair of pliers to crimp the brackets on the strips.

Materials came in a timely manner and as promised. With the help of a YouTube video, our chair was rewebbed in 20 min. The glider is as good as new. November 15, Purchased over 3 years ago. Measured webbing carefully and coded the metal clips with vice grips. August 9, Tom W. Thank heaven I found chair webbing to replace the old, very dry chair supports on my almost antique rocking chair. It was so easy to attach the end brackets and I think this new webbing will last a lot longer. If not, then at least I know where to go to replace it.

Another item to cross off the "to-do" list. Thank you! July 23, Sandy N. For a long time I wondered how to go about getting the webbing repaired in my glider. How to find someone capable, etc. WELL, Thought came to me check the internet. Right at first internet search I found what I was looking for. Your illustrations were on spot. When I got the material it was exactly what I needed. July 11, Wanda B. Clips were great for rewebbing my wicker couch and chair.

June 1, Jill Q. The webbing is very excellent-strong, looks long-lasting! Easy to work with, and my chair feels so much better to relax in! May 24, Loved the result!! I have never rewebbed a chair before, so was a little apprehensive when the supplies I ordered arrived. Much to my delight, the process was as easy as the directions described. The whole process, from start to finish, took about 20 minutes to complete.

I would recommend your products to anyone who might be needing a chair repaired. May 16, Tim S. March 17, Donald D. The webbing is exactly what i needed. It works perfectly on my rocker. Easy to measure. It arrived quickly. Very happy with this product and company. February 5, This webbing is just right for repairing Canadian Rockers, easy to install and returns the chair to a like-new condition.

January 17, Jane M. Chair Webbing and clips. The webbing is very durable and the clips were very easy to put on the ends once I cut the webbing. I replaced the old webbing on a 40 year old glider in no time at all. It worked out perfectly and I highly recommend the webbing and end-clips. August 23, Susan L R. Purchased over 4 years ago. I am so glad I found this at your site and was so thrilled with my purchase. It was exactly as you described and it was exactly what we needed to repair the chair we have.

June 17, Pamela K. Had old Bennington Pine chairs with webbing under the cushions. The webbing dried out and crack d. Many were missing. I thought they were toast. I saw and purchased he webbing with clips on Rockler's website. They were very easy to install, I used a bench vise to crimp the ends tight. The chairs are like new, and this was a simple fix. June 14, David B. First of all I want to say this product is "Fantastic" I would recommend it to everyone, my chair turned out great, and I am so happy with it.

June 4, I placed my order for webbing I placed my order for webbing for my rocking chair on a Sunday and it was delivered on Tuesday morning! What fantastic service! A few simple measurements, a few turns in my husband's bench vice to apply the clips and my chair was good as new. Thanks for the exceptional service and quality product! January 29, Phyllis H. My mother-in-law had two maple rocking My mother-in-law had two maple rocking chairs whose webbing had deteriorated and broken in some cases.

I, too, had looked at several furniture stores before going on the web and finding your site. Due to a couple of moves, a hold had been placed on her credit card. I received a call from you alerting me to the problem, we were able to use another card, and quickly get the hold removed on the original card.

We received the merchandise quickly. As the other gentleman noted, I used a vise to assemble the webs and easily inserted them in the slots in the chairs, and they were as good as new. I also enjoyed the catalog that came with the order; I tried to give it to a friend who does a lot of woodworking, but he said he gets your catalogs and updates frequently, and orders a lot of items from you.

Thank you for the product and excellent service. December 28, Dorothy B. This was my first attempt to This was my first attempt to reweb some vintage Tell City pieces. The webbing along with the clamps made the project very simple, even for a novice. Thank you for your great products! Rebecca E. We have a maple rocker we We have a maple rocker we purchased 40 years ago before the birth of our daughter.

Over the years we have moved and lost some of the original webbing, plus what was left had dried out and stretched. We looked in various stores but never found what we needed. The webbing and ends arrived within days, I used a bench vise to pinch the metal clips over the webbing, and the chair is just like new. Very pleased to have found the material to re-web the chair, as it feels like brand new. Excellent product, price, service. Couldn't be happier. September 13, Douglas B.

A vast improvement over older products A vast improvement over older products. The webbing was an excellent choice for redoing my old oak rocker. Fast and easy. February 12, I have owned several chairs made I have owned several chairs made by the Tell City Chair Company for 35 years. They are made of Canadian Hard Rock Maple. They are prized furniture and occasionally require rewebbing.

This product is a vast improvement over the old solid plastic webbing that required soaking in hot water before installing. We are more than satisfied with the results. October 10, I had 4 pieces of patio I had 4 pieces of patio furniture that had the webbing as a support ot the cushions and the webbing had become brittle and a number of straps were broken. It was an unsafe condition and I was having problems finding replacement webbing until I spotted it in one of the catalogs that came with one of my orders.

It was easy to make up the straps and replace the old webbing. Just a pair of sisors, a tape measure and a pair of pliers to crimp on the metal ends. Now it is safe to sit or lounge on the chairs or sofas. October 3, Les W. Excellent product, needs supporting information.

This is a good product. I haven't found it locally, so it is nice to be able to get it on line. I wish it came with guide lines as to how long to cut it for a good fit. August 22, Ken B. Supports the seat cushion well. Fairly simple to install. The metal clips anchor the webbing well enough. I put pieces of leather over the metal clips, to protect the bottom of the seat cushion. February 13, Bill D. Not as stretchy as the original material but at least I don't have to get rid of the rocking chair.

March 14, Louise J. Reviews for Similar Products. Questions that need answers My Posts. Start typing your question and we'll check if it was already asked and answered. Learn More. Do not include HTML, links, references to other stores, pricing or contact info. Browse 27 questions Browse 27 questions and 61 answers. Why did you choose this? Rockler Store. Diane P on Aug 1, I am trying to refurbish my favorite glider rocker which I have had and loved for 40 years. I was happy to find the materials we needed to replace the seat support straps!

Sally B on Jul 10, Used it before to rebuild an old chair. Perfect replacement and should last a very long time as it's made very well. You get what you pay for. This is the best quality. John O on Jun 15, Need to repair old rockers and wanted a quality product.

John P A on May 11, Need to replace webbing on a 60 year old rock maple swivel rocking chair. Gary M on Apr 25, Looking for a easy way to repair a chair seat. Randy H on Apr 16, I have an old rocking chair that I am trying to repair the seat. From the description, it seems like just the hardware I need. I ordered the clips hoping they will do the job!!! Marjorie S on Feb 26, Replace ones in guilder rocker I purchased about 40 years ago.

Wilma R on Jan 2, The right item to fix our rocker. I fixed one rocker and this is for another. Jack W on Sep 26, Fixing grandma's rocking chair Deborah K on Sep 5, I am refurbishing a Tell City rocking loveseat. The seating web needs to be replaced. Kristi L on Aug 12, It was exactly what I needed to repair a rocker seat Richard S on Jun 15, It appears that this is how the webbing on my Newport Glider was made.

Other comments lead me to believe it will be easy to repair. I love this chair and hope I can fix it. Jolene K on May 26, After 4 stops in search of what I was looking for, Rockler was the only place I could get exactly what I wanted. Valerie R on May 6, Only place I found these parts steven e on Apr 27, I have a Tell City Rocker in excellent condition that belonged to my Mother and it is time to replace the webbing under the seat cushion.

This product looks exactly like what is on there now. Trying to restore so we can sit in the rocker again. MB margaret b on Mar 20, Charlotte G on Feb 23, Replacement of old webbing on a chair. K K on Feb 11, My local upholstery shop and fabric store didn't have the right kind of material.

They both had the same kind of webbing which had no stretch to it, but yet sagged after a week or two of use. One piece busted after a month's use. The kind Rockler sells seems to be the right kind and the customer reviews confirm it.

Joe L on Jan 27, This was used in making a Morse Chair. John T on Jan 5, Need to fix an old glider and these items were not available in stores in my area. Plus, pictures and comments made me feel it is what I needed.

Donna S on Jul 25, This is the best webbing material on the market. Pam M on Jul 6, Robert R on Jun 8, A platform rocker needs new seat support straps. Richard W on Apr 20, Repair a platform rocker. Deborah D on Mar 19, The description, including the nice technical illistration, made it easy to decide. Janet W on Feb 24, I have a glider rocker that is very sentimental to me, had it since my son was born he is 24 now The straps below the cushion were broken, and I googled searched for them and was happy to find them here on this web site.

Barbara F on Dec 10, I am making dining room chairs. Shawn H on Oct 30, Woodsmith magazine listed Rockler as the source for this material that is part of one of their plans Paul M on Oct 17, I need to repair a chair robert f on Sep 26, I purchased these products to repair a chair that was my father's. Kevin H on Aug 22, Best price available for this part Brian C on Aug 9, Excellent product for the reinforced stretchable webbing!

Easy to work with. Richard S on Jul 6, The only one for my chair. Albert A on May 9, Got free shipping! Great deal. And Rockler had the metal cleats that go with the bands.

Ed on Apr 27, The chair webbing underneath was wore out Ernie J on Mar 26, They are exactly what is needed to repair our chair.

Earl P on Mar 24, Option of buying product by the foot and how strong it appears to be Raymond W on Mar 9, To restore a Tell City rocker glider. Jacob C on Feb 17, This should replace the original, damaged straps that are on the underside under the batting of an antique chair I am restoring.

Tom S on Feb 3, I made a suitcase holder Lawrence G on Jan 22, John D on Jan 4, How can this be used with a metal chair frame with the slots for the webbing? How is the web secured to the frame? Bonnie C on Apr 9, Reply 1 Inaccurate Steve Staff on Apr 10, Thank you for your help Reply Carolyn J on Jul 17, Pry the clips from the ends of the old webbing open and use the old clips for the new webbing. I opened my clips by pounding a large regular screwdriver into each clip between the teeth that grip the webbing so as not to bend the teeth.

Measure the lengths of the old webbing and carefully cut the new webbing to the same lengths assuming the old webbing wasn't stretched out, in which case you have to adjust for the stretch. Crimp the ends of the new webbing into the clips with a vise. If the clips won't fit into the slots on your chair, squeeze them tighter in the vise. Oh, if you don't have the old clips you can order new ones.

Best Gaming Chair List & Guide - 25 Chairs With Reviews

I have a small room, 10' x 10' great acoustics for suround, btw. The corners hold speakers and a pretty good subwoofer. These details do relate to my question. XKX X XEX XX XXX 10' That's an idea, we have only a little room to work with the. Some of our Wii games, we prefer to play standing up, and we need some of the room empty for the weights. However, we also need some chairs in there to sit down when we want to watch a movie or play games together max, two people.

So we wanted to get light chairs that we could move when we needed to. Previously, we used an old office chair and a beanbag. Neither was very comfortable and getting hit in the face is uncomfortable, yet common when you were sitting on the beanbag. We were looking to go out tonight, and pick up two "rocker" chairs. Now for my questions. There seems to be many different comapnies that make them, have you seen a difference from one to another?

Are there certain coverings that are bad? Some taller people have expressed discomfort, both I and my wife are fairly short. What other national chains might I find rockers at? I currently exist in the southeast section of America. I'd rather sit in the chair before I buy it, rather then ship it. Is there other kind of chair I should consider? It would have to be comfortable for at least two hours of sitting standard movie be able to fit in the space shown.

Don't get me wrong, they look like nice chairs. But I think they are more for people whose furniture is made of wood, or is put together before they get it.

I'm more of a "It comes in a cardboard box and each piece has a letter on it. If your lucky, the instructions are almost in English" kind of guy. And I wanted to sit in one befor eI buy it. But that you for the reply. In two hours it will be a moot point anyway, as I will be on my way.

My biggest annoyance is that out of the chairs in this style, I will likely only see three tonight. One will likely be crap already falling apart. Also, from what I've seen, the one I'll wind up with will likely be vinyl or pleather or something, and I wanted a nice kind of breathable fabric. Those usually are either the cheap one with speakers, or a slightly better version of the cheap one that is what I'm aiming at. I don't see the point of speakers in the chair if I'm already in a near perfect acoustical room and have a subwoofer I know it could be better, but the sweetspot is just right for me.

I saw some foldable ones, but they said they weren't available in the store. I hate web sites that don't let you filter out stuff you can't walk in and get. The old CompUSA site had a "In Store Only" filter you could turn on and not worry you were seeing something that only existed in a warehouse across the country.

OK, so in short, I have two hours from I'm on my second one, soon to be third I suppose. The first was from target or walmart, fabric covered with the interior structure parts cut from OSB. It broke in less than 3 days. Round two, the current chair, is an AK Rocker, which is all molded plastic with a nice padded cover.

One of the rocker legs is starting to split and crack where it contacts the floor. This is very disappointing, as I thought the AK chair was pretty sturdy and made for adults.

I weigh just shy of pounds which I think is pretty well within spec of a chair. I really liked the AK before it broke and will probably buy another one and hope for sturdier plastic. Even at 6'1" it is comfortable to sit in for extended periods. I have one of the pleather ones with built in speakers, it is surprisingly comfortable.

I don't generally use the speakers because I am lazy but it is kinda fun for games with explosions. I don't know how much it cost because my wife got it on sale open box but I really like it. Maybe they just arent made for guys my size. I've spent 6 hours straight in mine with just short breaks to visit the water closet.

No numbness, no legs going to sleep, no ill effects at all really. About the only negative comment I can muster is that I expected it to last longer. OMG, thank you for not only linking me some, but also for the reviews. That is exactly what I needed. To be brutally honest and I'm going to have to not look at these next words, because they hurt I'm pretty short and fat.

That is the reason for the eliptical I have there surprisingly, it didn't turn into a coat rack shortly after purchase. I take the stairs everyday, I park up on a hill.

I even tend to eat fairly ok poptarts for breakfast is a shame, but I'm usually in a hurry and traffic sucks where I live. If those models are already splitting, I may need to take some things into consideration. I heard of one that was really a beanbag rocker Are you hard on it, like jumping into it?

Or do you think it just was made poorly? I have an AK Rocker, and it's fairly comfortable, though the headrest is a bit short for me 6'5". I'm lbs, and I don't find it too narrow, though I need to have the 'PowerStrap' around the base or I can feel the chair deform when I use it. My biggest complaint is that because when I sit in it the center of gravity is pretty high, it too often reclines all the way and I end up on my back and have to either muster all the energy I've got in my abs to right myself or just roll off it to the side.

Also, it's got a pretty big footprint, so it's a bit of a scramble to find a place to put it when your wife makes you put it away when company comes over. Mine is used mostly on carpet, sometimes on the porch, and no sign of cracking or any damage as of yet, after moderate use over a year or so.

My wife likes everything about it other than its appearance. It's can also be fun in a VR context which means that mine can hold lbs or so without trouble. Short and fat is almost certainly better than tall and fat me with respect to the tipping all the way over. My roommate has a Rocker looks like the AK , no speakers. It's pretty comfortable, even fun to mess around with when drunk.

I'd say that if the headrest isn't too short for you, you could even pass out in it comfortably! The base is quite large though, keep that in mind -- they take up more space than you might expect. Also, you'll be a huge nerd if you buy a gaming chair, but hey if that's already well established then why not?

I think I already went past that and out the other side. By different people, in different states, and in different decades, I have been called a King among Nerds. Which is funny because I get along with people pretty well, fairly coordinated in the clothing dept, and have never used a pocket protector.

At this point, something becomes geek cred simply because I have done it. I'm 5'8" and about lbs. I had an AK Rocker. It was super comfortable and I loved it, but it broke on me after several months of use.

I didn't mistreat it at all, but I did use it pretty frequently. One of the plastic rocker pieces eventually started cracking and refused to stay connected to the body of the chair. It was a shame, too--it was very comfortable. However, the back two where the back attaches to the legs would NOT lock in. When I removed the seat to find out why, it turns out the plastic under one of the holes where the peg was supposed to lock in was too thin and the peg just ripped through th plastic.

It just means that the back of the seat doesn't lock in. I stuffed a body pillow under the "skin" for my wife and she is sitting in it right now watching CSI. She said it was comfortable enough to sleep in. It's a little wider and more expensive then I was expecting. I may have to move things around a little, but so far so good.

I'll pick up another in a day or two and if it fits together perfectly I may see if I can trade out the one that didn't fit together quite right. It is disappointing to hear that I'm not alone regarding busted AK Rockers. I love the design of the chair, but if it can't stand up to the "abuse" of a normal sized guy sitting in it and playing video games then I'll be shopping elsewhere for the replacement.

The trey chair looks promising, but the back doesn't extend up to provide a headrest like the AK. I think I would miss that. The way I see it, if this one went together correctly, then I must have gotten a single defective one, and I could exchange it and be relatively certain to get a good one.

Ak rocker chair power strap

Ak rocker chair power strap

Ak rocker chair power strap