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Black silky panties stories

Black silky panties stories

Black silky panties stories

A bit of a long read, but if youre into panties, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Of course I love shaving my bod to go along with them. I don't see that happening in reality, so I can at least buy and wear something-year-old women's clothes. It's like being able to walk around all day inside a 3D version of a Victoria's Secret catalog. Recently have been experimenting with makeup and find that liberating to. I was scared for a Gay nightclub guide of buying them myself. I have souly worn panties for close to 40 Years. Black silky panties stories out for the green arrows which provide some helpful hints about what to look for.

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Read the second installment of how an unsuspecting man is trained by a dominant woman to enjoy his submission in satin and lace The Candidate Part Three. One I did not want. During the party Sillky went into the bedroom and my shorts and pantiez were not where I left them. By Suze Johnson A loving wife leads her man into a world of satin and lace It would only cover about half and it would roll back behind the corona when she released the pressure. Black silky panties stories Tammy Richards A man's wife discovers his lingerie and being an understanding and loving woman, encourages him Free live personal webcam sites live his fantasy, even Harley bare wiring diagram the point of arranging for him to join a local crossdresser's club. She grabbed my head and pulled it to her nipple and my mouth enveloped it. But there is such a thing as a free DVD player when you order 10 or more videos. We love to see a hint of frills behind a translucent blouse, or an outlining of a bra strap to give a veiled clue as to what's underneath. No one was near and I took the couple of steps to the head Bathroom. I loved she never made a comment about stores. Before long, he's in satin and Black silky panties stories on a full time basis and loving every minute of it! Fantasy in Satin By Bea A man's wife and pantiee conspire to turn islky into the perfect maid's assistant. Well, as well as any guy does. I wanted to be her lover, her fuck buddy, her booty call but, not her best friend.

Silky undies sans the lines.

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  • But there is such a thing as a free DVD player when you order 10 or more videos.
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The way I see it, if wearing lingerie is wrong for a guy, there are much worse things I could be doing. I didn't know what I was getting into when I slipped on that first pair of panties years ago. But once I started looking at catalogues and seeing bras, hosiery, etc. Sometime during high school, I finally got some panties after a long time of not having any—but I also got some bras.

The panties ranged from cotton to nylon, from briefs to thongs. Then there were the bras. The first bra I ever tried on was a silky black Victoria's Secret demi bra. To my surprise, I got lucky and the band fit me perfectly. I got it in an A cup, so even though I don't have anything there to support, the cups were at least small enough to conform to my "chest.

While wearing it, I felt just about the same as when I first slipped on panties. Speaking of panties, I had a pair on before I put on the bra, adding to the excitement and the experience. Some nights, I would sleep in just a bra and panties since they are very comfy and feel great.

However, not long after this all started, I started having doubts as to if what I was doing was right. I struggled with this issue as I'm sure a lot of guys that wear lingerie do.

Being a teen and feeling like there was nobody I could go to for advice made things even worse. On one hand I thought, this isn't right. Lingerie is made for women. Guys don't wear feminine clothes. Guys that wear feminine clothes can't exactly be straight in any case. On the other hand, I thought, what's so wrong about wearing lingerie? Sure I'm a guy, but it hasn't made me any less of the guy that I am not saying or implying that gay or bi guys are lesser men that I am.

I'm still interested in women. I just so happen to have a thing for women's lingerie. Each time I struggled with my conscience over this, I started to learn that I needed to make a choice on whether I'm going to stick with it or give it up. Having these struggles, I have thrown out lingerie a few times and—ridiculously enough—I have considered the money spent on the lingerie a punishment, as well as a loss.

It sounds very stupid, and each time I threw out lingerie, I felt stupid. Although when I was throwing lingerie out, I thought I felt stupid for even having bought it and having this fetish for it.

I looked back on each time and realized that I really should have found a place to donate the lingerie if I was going to throw it out. It would have at least gone to somebody who needed it.

But what's done is done. After each time I threw out lingerie, I would be good for a while without having it. Then one day I would see a Victoria's Secret commercial and I would start wanting to wear lingerie again. I could have looked away or walked out of the room, but I wanted to watch the commercial. Same goes for any other commercial that had lingerie in it. I may have thrown out lingerie but that doesn't mean I don't have a thing for it.

Not long ago, I decided that it was pointless to keep fighting it, since each time I went without it, I would find myself wanting to wear it again.

The more I tried to suppress it, the more I wanted to wear it. In the end, I chose to stick with it and wear my lingerie. The way I see it, if wearing lingerie is wrong for a guy, there are much worse things I could be doing like drinking excessively and going absolutely nowhere with my life or getting myself into a mess I can't get myself out of. That's pretty much been my experience so far as being a man who wears lingerie.

There are other things I could add, but this article is long enough as it is. Once again I would love to see comments and thanks for reading again. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. They make me feel good about my self. There r times that I wear pantyhose. Thanks for sharing this, I thought I'm the only person who likes lingerie even though I'm not gay.

Give me a break you only live once and it's a very short life live it to the fullest do it ever makes you feel good screw anybody else do it you like. I'm a straight man who has never had the slightest attraction to other men, and never had any desire or even fantasy to transition to be a woman.

I've always been perfectly happy to be a man and have always been very attracted to women. So much so, that I think that's why I've always liked to wear lingerie. I do it because I love the feeling of something feminine next to and surrounding my body.

Sounds kind of hetero-male, doesn't it? Really, think about it. As a straight man, I would and do love to have a beautiful woman wrapped around my naked body. A girly girl, feminine, soft, beautiful, and all woman as close to me as possible. The only thing better is to have the next most feminine and most importantly concealable things wrapped around me all day long. I wear lingerie because IT is feminine, not because I am. I wear it because it reminds me all day long of the soft, sensuous, femininity that I am so attracted to.

It's like being able to walk around all day inside a 3D version of a Victoria's Secret catalog. Is it a fetish? Yes, I there is that aspect of it. It's exciting, and even sexually stimulating to wear something made for and intended for a woman's body.

It's exciting to do something that is still so taboo, and still be able to walk undetected through a crowded room while doing it. I may look ridiculous in the morning putting on a bra and panties, or on those especially good days when I go with some stockings and a garter belt, or maybe a nice teddy, but man! In the end, it's what feels nice, whatever the reason.

Be the man you want to be, and if that's a straight, butch, masculine man, who also happens to like wearing lingerie, do it knowing that it makes perfect sense.

Well, I love to wear lace underwear. I know lace underwear is a kind of women lingerie. But as you know, mens underwear industry enhances the there scale and make stylish underwear for men. I love to wear mens lace underwear because of its fabric softness and comfortableness. I bought from Skiviez and gifted to my friend, he really looks good in this and like the way it feels on his sexy body! Thank you! I have worn panties all accept for5years 2 months Air Force training nothing said in locker room in high school I am 68 now and still wearing.

I been wearing ladies lingerie for close to 40 years. I never hide the fact as a adult, but as a mirror child I did. Every girl I been with and my two wives. All know about me and lingerie. I was very open from the start. I always figured why hide it. Once they meet my family. My family would rat me out anyways. Especially my little sister. She was the first one to catch me wearing and went around and told everyone.

So from then on. I figure they had to know before my sister got to them. Now I don't even think twice about wearing. I go to the gym, the pool or wherever.

And change in the locker room like rest of the men. Hello, I will just go by Sam because I'd rather keep my name private. I am a heterosexual male in my late 20's who just started wearing women's panties just a few months ago. I have been interested in them for years. Seeing the stores as I walk through malls and when I am in stores looking for other clothes for myself. I was scared for a while of buying them myself. Thinking of what the cashiers would think or say when I am at the checkout.

One day I got the courage to buy some in a department store. The female cashiers didn't bat and eye of me buying them and acted as I was buying anything else. Now I wear them almost everyday, my preferred is a hipster cotton style. I love the way they hug my body and I feel it has relieved some anxiety in my life just by that.

B up on my shoulder, sort of staggered into the bedroom and flopped him onto his bed. I froze. A crossdresser gets a wonderful surprise from his understanding wife on Christmas. Little does he know that they are planning to get their revenge for his behavior in the classroom. The Panty Thief part 2.

Black silky panties stories

Black silky panties stories

Black silky panties stories

Black silky panties stories. Stories by Miss Vicky

That's when she found the pair I was wearing that day. I had forgotten It always has seemed unfair to me that women have all of these wonderful things that they can wear and men have the choice of boxers or briefs. To me, panties are the embodiment of women's sexuality and I've been fascinated for years by all types of silky We're getting sketchy reports from the midwest about One of Ours who was "busted" at work. Here's what one of our correspondents reports: I need to alert you to a story they ran with high profile I am not making this up.

Shortly after the mention in Leg Show magazine, I received a snail-mail request for the print brochure from a guy in Minnesota. In his note he casually mentioned that he has a large panty collection This is from Laura's Blog. She has graciously allowed us to reproduce it here. She earns our undying gratitude. Thank you, Laura! A lot of toddlers carry some sort of a security item like a blanket or a favorite stuffed animal Notes from Web Prowling: Don't know if you've gone to the "Panties" private room on AOL much, but from the research I've done there, the majority of guys visiting that room and I think that most of the females listed there Our resident psychologists provide an understanding perspective to your panty related questions and concerns.

Slip-of-a-Girl gets it! Go there! But come right back! I have discovered an additional element to my life-long panty fetish that I would like to share. Please understand that I am endeavoring to understand and resolve this mystery as many of you are.

My first awareness of enjoying panties came at a very young age when our baby sitter was Hi, I'm a 49 year old male, I have a healthy attitude towards women and as such, have been noticing them for a long time now. One thing that has occurred to me over the years, is that they seem to wear progressively less clothing as time passes, except for occasional short I remember one day at Friday's when I saw Danette running her food outside to the patio area.

When she would come down the steps, her black short skirt would balloon up and all of the flats people could see her white vanity fair briefs. She tried to hold her I just wanted to write and say how much I appreciate your site. My sister was about five years older than me. I always loved looking at her especially her ass. It wasn't huge but not When I was younger I occasionally visited my aunt's home which was the next farm over. Occasionally I baby -sat their kids. For reasons unknown to me I once had the impulse to go thru the laundry hamper outside the bathroom door.

I guess I found what I was looking All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Stories You never forget your first! The clerk shows him the some very personal service! By Karen Shane A husband is awakened from a dream about being dressed in satin and lace by his wife.

She asks him about his dream and then sets about making it come true! By Dafydd Cyhoeddwr A college man is asked to do the laundry by six coeds in his dorm. The fun really begins when he is caught "borrowing" their panties and lingerie! A wife finds an incriminating picture of her husband playing dress-up with another woman. She takes her revenge by taking him further and further into lingerie discipline. Fantasy in Satin By Bea A man's wife and maid conspire to turn him into the perfect maid's assistant.

Upon her return, they discover that when he wears lingerie, their sex life is incredible. Before long, he's in satin and lace on a full time basis and loving every minute of it! By Tammy Richards A man's wife discovers his lingerie and being an understanding and loving woman, encourages him to live his fantasy, even to the point of arranging for him to join a local crossdresser's club.

Wouldn't we all love to be in his panties! By Anyport Our hero is quickly turned into a heroine by his employer, a beautiful CEO of a fashion company. He is pantied, paddled and taught all the finer points of being a good little house hubby. She sends her out of work husband there to run it for her.

Imagine his surprise when he discovers the true purpose of the inn Before you know it, he's wearing panties and loves being the woman of the house. She decides to transform her wayward nephew to fulfill the role. He soon is serving both her and his wife while wearing petticoats. Read this story to find a completely new definition of "politically correct".

The directions he's given are NOT what he expected. He soon finds himself in satin and lace and at the mercy of his wife and the Lady of the manor. Hen Coop By Bea At home with only the saucy maid for company, a man is seduced into petticoats and satin. Thinking it just an idle diversion in his day, too late he discovers that the maid is following the directions given her by his wife.

A chance meeting on a ski slope leads a man into a world of satin and lace. His new friend is rich, beautiful and really enjoys an man in satin and lace. When his wife asks what he wants for his birthday, he asks for a night of unforgettable sex.

This is the first part of his journey into feminization and panty training! Very well written! Why Didn't I tell her? Follow along as a Crossdresser is found out by his girlfriend. She discovers all the joys to be had from having her man in panties!

Read this story of feminization and panty training by a young man's aunt. This is a story all panty boys will enjoy. A Week to Remember. A man's girlfriend gives him the ulimate sissy experience, to be married in a white satin gown. Lots of changes take place when a strong willed woman in placed in charge of the office where this femme male works. The Candidate Part Two. Read the second installment of how an unsuspecting man is trained by a dominant woman to enjoy his submission in satin and lace The Candidate Part Three.

A married man picks up a hitchhiker and before he knows it, she has him in satin and lace! Read along and discover what happens when his wife is introduced to her husband in panties! Together with her female boss, a wife leads her husband into the joys of submission in satin and lace. Written by a new author, I hope this is not the last of her efforts!

A crossdressing husband is caught by his suspicious wife. What follows is a tale we'd all love to experience! A crossdresser gets a wonderful surprise from his understanding wife on Christmas.

A man inherits his wife's company, only to find himself in panties makeup as his new secretary takes control! Caught wearing lacy lingerie by a lovely shopgirl, you can imagine how delighted our hero ine is when she invites him back to her home for some dressup fun with some of the other girls that work at the lingerie boutique.

His wife catches him in her panties and masturbating.

The Knicker review: ‘Why I'll Only Ever Wear These Undies Now'

Found these stories on the web. A bit of a long read, but if youre into panties, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Will Work for Panties Ch.

I've always had this serious thing for women's' underwear. Even as far back as grammar school I loved to sit on the ground in the school yard to watch the girls jump rope and show off their frilly little panties, just for me.

This is a print version of story Buying silky panties by slavetolycra from xHamster. Buying silky panties There is this lingerie store on the way from my home to work. These stores always caught my attention, and from the first time I saw it I noticed the ads on it informing they sell products of the Triumph brand.

Now being an avid pantyboy, of course I know that brand of high quality and therefore expensive female underwear. And there is not a wide variety of items from this brand in my country. So when I got home that day I searched the Internet to find out if Triumph produces any silky panties in the brief style, my favorite. It's been hard to get silky panties here in Argentina, it seems they have felt out of favor from women in the last couple of years.

So this was an exciting prospect. I found a few items in Argentina's equivalent of eBay, but there was only one silky pair and it's size was too small for me.

Big disappointment. I confirmed this in Triumph's website for Argentina: same items, none adequate for me. Too bad it's not easy to get them door to door here stupid government restrictions. I actually walked in that store one day, but only in order to buy men's underwear, which they also sell, because I needed some I only wear panties during my pleasure sessions.

I didn't ask for panties because I was pretty sure they wouldn't have any I liked, so why go through that adrenaline-rush-inducing experience knowing that most likely I won't be getting home with any treasures to enjoy! But the point is I know the inside of the store, the saleswoman who seems to be the owner and the fact there is usually no other customers in there. However, every time I would walk by that store, I would make sure I check out its shop-window.

Due so the scarcity of the items I long about, I have to be alert! Last week I noticed something there from afar. My eyes are trained to spot anything silky and feminine, and to my delight there was this pair of silky briefs on a mannequin, the ripples of light reflecting on it promising something interesting. I worked from home the remaining days of last week, so I was unable to get a closer look of this panty. But it was on my mind the whole weekend, and while looking through my stash to choose a pair to enjoy during one of my sessions, I came across a brief I got a long time ago from abroad when the restrictions I mentioned were more relaxed.

I checked the tag, and they were Triumph. Silky and very pleasant to look at, but I remembered not enjoying wearing it too much. I tried them on to be sure. Yep, not great. Also the size was too small, which was probably one of the reasons I haven't been able to enjoy it much. I got the idea those panties in the store could be the same item number as the pair I have, and maybe not great. But, I got this idea, I can't let a silky pair of briefs near my size sit there in a shop-window on a store nearby without getting a pair!

At worst, if I don't like it much, at least my anxiety will decrease and I'll move on. So today was the day! I got out of work and headed for the store. A couple of steps from the corner I saw the store across the street and the silky panties on the mannequin, and found they were similar to the not-so-great pair I have, so not a good start.

I also recognized the saleswoman, who was smoking by the door. So I thought, what the heck. I approached and checked out the panties while standing next to the saleswoman. A couple of seconds later I greeted her, she greeted me back, threw away her smoke and invited me in. No other customers, but there was a male clerk or owner in there.

I get some anxiety when buying female underwear from women, but when other men are present this feeling is heightened. Actually I had never been in a situation like that before. But today was not a day to chicken out! I asked for the panties in in the shop-window. She showed me a pair in the biggest size.

Yep, definitely the same model I have home. So what to do? They seemed bigger though. And quite silky. And they are brand new, maybe they would feel better on me? So without thinking I reached out and felt the material while she was also holding the panties.

I didn't care! I had to know for sure! Silky enough. They were also made from a material that is close to pure nylon, which I know is common abroad but almost nonexistent here. But with these panties I would get to experience something very similar to nylon, and most of the stories of guys enjoying their Mom's panties I like feature nylon panties, so it's win-win.

I asked and she told me the price. Expensive indeed. But now I was beyond a point of no return, so I told her I'd take them. So here I am, writing about this experience while wearing and rubbing myself through this rare, lovely pair of Triumph silky, feminine and expensive briefs I saw in that store's shop-window and decided I had to get. I'm enjoying this so much! So she showed me some pairs, told me the details and I bought two pairs.

And again, without thinking I know if I stop and think I tend to hesitate in these situations I asked her "do you have any other pairs of briefs like this one, similar material and same size? Also, what did I have to lose? I've already gone through the experience of buying a pair from her. She showed me a few pairs, but they were either not silky or too small.

So no good. But she acknowledged the fact those were not pairs I would be interested in, without waiting for confirmation from me, she had understood my question perfectly! Finally she said "wait a minute", went to search for something and came back with a box. It was a black pair of briefs with a control panel on the front.

My trained eye noticed the material was somewhat silky, but again, I had to be sure! So I reached out one more time and felt it myself. Oh yes, that was the Nylon-Spandex blend I'm more used to and really enjoy, but still hard to get.

It was a pair from a local brand, half the price of the other one. I told her I wasn't sure about the size. I never admitted to a saleswoman I wear the panties myself, and I wasn't planning to do so today, even though it's quite likely she suspects that's the case, I just bought male underwear from her in the same size.

Maybe I'll go through that experience in the future, I don't know. The size of this pair looked a bit small, but I know from experience I can always enjoy a small pair by wearing it backwards, so I told her I would take it.

She repeated her statement about the possibility of exchanging it and she said "her" again, as if fishing from my admission. I remained cool and just answered "OK, great! In the past I would make a point of conveying myself this facade of buying panties for a girlfriend, so I would ask for the gift wrap without waiting for the saleswoman to ask.

I'm afraid of the repercussions but I certainly fantasize about talking to to a saleswoman about the size, silkiness and how great the panties feel while both of us handles the pair.

My hand is moving faster across my panty-covered dick while thinking about this! I didn't have high expectations for the second pair, but it turns out I really like how it looks on me. It is indeed a size too small, but while wearing it backwards it has the right amount of silky feminine material for me to really enjoy! Now that I know the Triumph pair is great, soon I will walk in the store again and buy one pair from each of the other available colors: white, black, tan and I think there is also pink I hope so, because pink is special and always increases my enjoyment being the most feminine color, I enjoy the taboo of getting off on female underwear as a male even more.

I hope you too enjoy this story. Subscribe Published by slavetolycra. Fetish Masturbation Taboo. Leave a comment Comments 5. Related stories Related Videos Related galleries. Aunties Panties Fetish First Time Mature I've always had this serious thing for women's' underwear. Busted Wearing Panties Ch. Show all. Soccer Mom Silky Panties 30,

Black silky panties stories

Black silky panties stories

Black silky panties stories