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Erotic list catagorized easigirls

Erotic list catagorized easigirls

Erotic list catagorized easigirls

Erotic list catagorized easigirls

Erotic list catagorized easigirls

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The official blog for Smashwords, a distributor of indie ebooks. Thanks for this clarifying post and information. I am not an erotica author, but I read widely and I'm wondering about some cross-over situations with fiction AND nonfiction books that ALSO include these "themes," but not necessarily for "titillation" purposes.

For example, there are many books that have sexual slavery, rape or dubious consent situations as part of the main or subplot, but the classification is usually "Thriller," or "Suspense," or "Realistic" "Police Procedural," "Interpol," etc. Is it the author's self-selection as "Erotica" that triggers this extra survey for classification and that has the booksellers up in arms, or is these "themes"?

Thanks for responding. Doing a great job over there at SW! Sally Ember, Ed. I am disgusted that you would publish erotic books at all - let alone the eally smutty ones. I am a volunteer with Crime Stoppers and am the author of the book Keeping our children safe. One of the topics discussed in my book is how damaging pornography is to children who grow up thinking that these kind of books depict 'real life. I have 34 of my books listed with Smashwords, and am very disappointed that you have listed and will continue to list such smut!

Sally, these classifications are only for erotic books. Most retailers welcome the mainstream erotica but they have policies that prohibit certain themes. Roberta, I respect your views and I'm sorry you're disappointed. Erotic literature is fraught with strong feelings across the spectrum. Some people think it should all be banned, and others think restrictions are too tight. We're doing our part to promote greater transparency so retailers can control what they list and sell, and so readers can have greater knowledge about the content of the books they're considering reading.

Thank you, Mark! This is exactly what all book marketplaces need. This eliminates confusion and cultivates trust between all parties involved. As you said, the benefit to erotica authors is that it'll curb mistaken identity when it comes to titles being removed when they're innocent. You're such an innovator. Keep up the great work! This goes a long way to labeling erotic fiction appropriately. Well done, Smashwords!

Gonna go and blog about this. Yes, Georgia. It does go a long way to labeling erotic fiction appropriately. However, it deeply worries me. The first step to banning is to categorize. This applies in politics ranging from innocent issues all the way to burning books and worse, it applies to gun rights, it applies to freedom of speech, it applies to search and seizure law, and it applies to erotica.

There is no question in my mind that Mark Coker has all our best interests at heart. He's a great guy -- today. But in the slippery slope of today's political climate I am left wondering how far and how fast this categorization will slide into Smashwords banning all controversial erotic content. Coker means well, but I'm left with serious concerns. Thank you, Phaedrus T. This is a great idea. My books may be 'adult' in that they contain bad language, violence, advanced technology and sex but I wouldn't classify any of them as 'erotic'.

In fact I've had complaints that there is too little sex present for them to be labeled 'adult. At the very end of the second book in my 'A Vested Interest' series. The protagonist discovers she has been guided into a ruthless breeding program designed to enhance her children's ruthless gene.

She and her partner were completely unaware that they were half brother and sister. Both are horrified. The act is not described and certainly not glorified in any way. I have therefore decided NOT to label the book as containing incest. Please tell me if you think I was wrong.

You state the tool is at the top of our dashboards. I don't see this. Perhaps a picture would be a good idea here? After reading the list of Taboo Themes, I decided to aim this post at Authors, for one very simple reason: If they do not produce such filth, there won't be any such lists! Erotica is acceptable in the realm of Sex if it creates imaginary scenarios which could exist within the bounds of Rationality and Reality. Sex begins in the Brain.

It does not begin in the loins. Would your brain, if it's normal, be excited by Bestiality, for example? I would ask this question of both the reader and the writer. If the writer were to turn around and tell me that there was a "market" for this subject, I would hit him or her in the face, because they are boosting the "demand" by their "supply"! Sex in itself is meaningless as a physical act and one may as well drill a hole in the wall and get it over with. But sex is a celebration of Love or intense emotions bordering on Love.

That's what makes Sex a good thing. It's not what you do in sex that's bad; it's who you do it with. I don't see Bestiality figuring in an act that celebrates one of the highest, if not the highest of human values.

Sex is Good. It's sexual aberrations that do not belong within its realm. If a work of fiction contains one scene of consensual sex between willing partners, are we to consider it erotic? How many scenes does it take? One, two, a dozen? Also how much level of detail is required? It makes me wonder how they ever survived the trip down the birth canal. One more point. On Amazon the list of erotic stories and novels goes on for pages, many of which contain taboo themes such as pseudo-incest.

There are thousands of them. Are we then to cling to Amazon for our content and shun Smashwords altogether? How do you recommend we split the baby if there are scenes of non-consensual sex that aren't drawn out for the purposes of titillation inside an erotic story? Now that authors are being required to identify whether their work fits into these categories, will those categories be made searchable on the Smashwords site?

Or will they still be required to file them under the categories they already have? OMG, Mark Coker, you've helped drive another nail into the coffin of the indie writer! So disappointed. I never thought this would happen on Smashwords. The categories themselves are enough to warn a reader that a story may or may not be to their taste. What next? The symbolic burning of ebooks that don't fit the approved new rules?

A slippery slope. It's funny how some people don't like the idea of categorization as possibly promoting censorship, while others don't like the idea of Smashwords publishing erotica at all. Personally, I think categorization is a good idea, just because it can be pretty darned hard to find things you want to read when the categories aren't there.

As it is right now, someone who wants to read just stuff in one of those categories doesn't have any better way to find that stuff than to take a guess. I do think it would be nice if there were also categories for some of the more outre forms of erotica and fetish that you see published on the Internet, even if they were seldom used.

But perhaps people who write them and choose "other" will know the appropriate keywords to use for themselves. Nosh M To say that if no-one writes what you define as 'smut' then these lists will not be required, is naive and disingenuous.

Sex is different things to different people, and each and every one of us has our very own unique bunch of wants and don't wants. Whether this leads to the 'slippery slope of censorship' remains to be seen.

If it does then authors will, as they always have, find ways and means to publish their work, and audiences will, as they always have, find ways and means of reading what they want to read I don't believe Smashwords would ever participate willingly in censorship. Remember how, a few years back, Mark Coker successfully fought back against the credit card companies' and PayPal's attempt to censor what Smashwords could publish? But it's every retailer's right to decide what kinds of works they do and don't want to carry, and anything that makes it easier to avoid awkward controversies when a retailer discovers a work they accepted actually contains things they don't want to deal with has got to be better for relations all around.

Where does a story that contains a love potion fit in? If such things were real, they would clearly be nonconsensual, but the Smashwords option likens it with sexual slavery which seems excessive. I suppose this would be a big concern for everyone who writes romance or erotica--and who can tell the difference these days?

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Erotic list catagorized easigirls

Erotic list catagorized easigirls

Erotic list catagorized easigirls. Best Friendly Sites


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Erotic list catagorized easigirls