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Myspace watch your chick develop code

Myspace watch your chick develop code

Myspace watch your chick develop code

Myspace watch your chick develop code

I was hoping I could do that with the. I can be like Marsha Brady and actually have my favorite singer show up at my house! Myspace is built on friendship. Many MySpace outsiders knock the service because its garish appearance and overall clunkiness overshadow anything good that may be underneath. The layout worked, but all of the tables that are on the left side are pushed completely to the left, and the same thing is happening to the tables on the right. Many many thanks! I want to drvelop them all! Hey gilbert, while I understand your frustration with people using overlays- thats another Nylon panty models for designing ones page. The opensocial self year can get clear noise-like functions to the diets through a chatty, healthy crunch good devlop first phones. You could get me an demo currently you represent for comparable youf.

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Justin Timberlake has used his new single to help promote the relaunch of MySpace, the social network in which he is an investor. The so-called "new MySpace" opened its doors to the public this week after internal beta testing in July last year, and an invite-only preview in September. A full page advert for the song is on the new MySpace sign up page, featuring a photo of Timberlake, who became a major investor in the business after it was sold by previous owner News Corp in Users can now join the refreshed social network at new.

It is also possible to sign up through Facebook and Twitter, and by using existing MySpace login details. As with previous MySpace relaunches in recent years, the redesign puts music and music discovery at the heart of the site. There is an audio deck at the bottom of every page, on which users can play songs and add new tracks.

The 'People' tab enables users to connect to status updates from their friends or the artists they follow, and a Discover tab suggests trending music stories in a visually-rich layout. Whilst MySpace has been quick to note that it is not a competitor to Facebook, users of the social network can post status updates, photos or their own music in a news feed.

But these posts cannot currently be synced to Facebook or Twitter. Anyone who does not like the new design has the option to switch back to the old MySpace layout. Type keyword s to search. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Tech. Get a free ChromeBook with your new Google Pixel 4. When is Black Friday ? The best SIM-only deals you can get right now. The best Amazon Fire tablet deals. Call of Duty new game: Everything you need to know. The Sims 4 announces new university expansion.

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Myspace watch your chick develop code

Myspace watch your chick develop code. Top Trending Pornstars

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Tracey loses a game and gets a nerd creampie!! The last part of your Myspace URL. Ex: myspace. Facebook Twitter Email. Full Name? Most people use their real name. Select Gender? This helps us keep people, musicians and brands searchable on Myspace. Please select Female Male Unspecified.

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Samy Kamkar - The MySpace Worm

A guide to creating a more tasteful MySpace layout. Sample images and CSS are included at the bottom. End product: myspace. In fact, with over 50 million unique users, it is something everybody must respect. Any website which rolls up that amount of usership is doing something very, very right, and no matter what your thoughts on it as a vehicle for your own expression are, you must give it its full due for what it is to seemingly everyone else.

Now, granted, I am a designer by trade so my tolerance for this stuff is orders of magnitude lower than most of the population, but clearly, this was not a place I even felt comfortable having my name on. So with the default home page this underwhelming, what is a MySpacer to do? Customize, of course. That is the question I sought to answer.

First, I love a design challenge. The first thing I did was search Google for sites which specialized in MySpace customizations. Turns out MySpace customization is a cottage industry unto itself. Unfortunately, the first twenty sites I found produced nothing but crap. Granted, perhaps it is crap that people want, but I wanted to do better.

There were mostly instructions on how to tile Ricky Martin backgrounds behind your Christina Aguilera autoplay music player, but nothing close to the brilliant piece of work Keegan Jones threw together a few months ago. What we really want to do here is simply decrappify our home page as much as we can without violating the Terms of Use and replace all evil design elements with a cleaner, more professional look.

Like a biologist over a petri dish, I pulled out my copy of XyleScope and began observing the organisms at play within the MySpace profile page. How difficult was this going to be? Was everything coded semantically? Did the company provide enough hooks in the form of CSS classes and IDs for users to easily style most elements on the page? Over the next several hours, I slowly identified every element on the page by its programmatic hook. The good news was that a lot could be done here.

The bad news was that the CSS was going to be ugly, ugly, ugly. It was upon thinking of this analogy, however, that I really started to get psyched about this project.

But it would be a real accomplishment to make a pig do the pachanga. As I saw it, there were mainly four things I could do here: a clean up all of the margins, padding, spacing, alignment, type, and color issues, b create a new background image and associated design theme, c make a branded header, and d add some extras with the magic of CSS.

I then planned out how each piece of the design could be shoehorned into the Weed Patch with the most convoluted of coding schemes. In a normal web design workflow, you have something like this:. In many cases, you have to go back and override the conflicting nests by specifying additional, more specific rules. These are the sorts of things that give Steve Champeon heart attacks.

There are only four images used in the Mike Industries MySpace design layout. The first is the background image: an aged piece of parchment, centered horizontally and tiled vertically in a seamless manner. The second is the branded header. This header unfortunately only works in non-IE browsers for the stupidest of all possible reasons: there is no doctype provided on any MySpace pages.

This doctype problem was probably the single biggest stumbling point in the entire project. There were certain really weird things happening in IE at every turn and I had no idea what was going on. Such weirdness! I was beside myself for hours, until I finally noticed the lack of a doctype. Specifically a way to get the branded header to show in IE. Until then, we have a graceful workaround below. The technique essentially takes a block level element a span, in this case, with a display: block property , sets a static height, applies a background image with custom rendered text, turns the browser text the same color as the background, and shrinks it down to 1 pixel effectively hiding it.

The technique is intentionally gritty because this is a gritty place. Since Internet Explorer even version 7 is such a pile, we make a few quick hacks in our css to basically chew its food for it and rub its tummy to keep it from puking all over the place. This effectively hides the boundaries of the tables altogether and looks just fine. Most people would take the obvious step and send e-mails to all of their friends asking them to join their buddy list, but why do that when you have the power of CSS generated content!

This can be accomplished with the following CSS rule:. So there you have it. How to hack your way to a more tasteful MySpace profile.

Hopefully, my many hours of weeding will save you from having to fully examine the bowels of this beast. Additionally, I will say this: after working this thing into a tasteful state, I find myself actually quite taken with it. Many MySpace outsiders knock the service because its garish appearance and overall clunkiness overshadow anything good that may be underneath.

But imagine what a service like this could be with a professional makeover. Get a company like Adaptive Path or a few Bryan Velosos in there and you could open up a whole new world of user enjoyment and customization.

The freedom to be garish is certainly an advantage, but I hold that between garishness and beauty, most people will pick beauty for themselves if given the choice.

This theory will be tested as we roll more social elements and customization into Newsvine in the coming weeks. Until then, however, you can have yourself a more tasteful looking MySpace page. Here are the sample images and CSS file to get you started:.

Thanks for being my friend Mike. And yes, with some top names in the project it could be a better designed and coded place. And the other half? We can only hope the vast sums of ad revenue that they are making will go into better hardware.

However, MySpace, as you said, still demands and deserves full respect, which I give. This is amazing work. You know what you have done? Sadly enough this sort of CSS work is very similar to what you would be doing if you were dealing with any sort of 90s-era behemoth of a CMS.

Well done. I ended up getting frustrated with mine and just throwing everything into the top left of the page, and leaving a few handy links. Very very impressed.

This is the main reason that I signed up for MySpace and then deleted my profile about 2 days later. Kudos for having the patience to execute this ardous task. My brother is on it and has something like friends. I have a blog. I have flickr. Do I really need those to occur in the same place? Aside from just dropping the from your colors, you could also go the long route and specify your colors in rgb notation.

Nice work on your space! I, like you decided a few days ago to make a myspace, and yours is excellent, nice work. Prepare for a non-stop slew of questions regarding my myspace profile. How do I sell a pixel at a time of my profile? How do I turn a paperclip into a house? Remember you brought this on yourself! Your friend CoachA looks hot and you get to help her with a camera … hmmm. Never mind that marraige of 7 years she refers to. Hehe… well, let me tell you, my brother Tim Benzinger actually designs MySpaces for companies and record labels….

You are limited with customization.. And by the way, we have been in contact with MySpace, we given permission to do what we pleased.. Hope you like :- Wait till you see the MySpace Tim is working on now for his personal account wow. As far as your recommendation of Veloso or Adaptive Path. I recently joined MySpace to see what all the hub bub was about and had a similar reaction to yours… Now I have no excuse not to have a nice MySpace page… other than my 3 of spades to your ace of diamonds, guru-wise.

That must have been a real pain in the heiny. Hah, um.. Would any sane person want that?! But we already knew that. Stating the obvious I guess. The whole site is broken when someone comments up some pictures it appears. But I just recently hacked their style layout. One thing I did different was I covered up everything from MySpace and handcoded my info in. Only thing I left was the comments of course.

I also put the comment form on the home page rather than having to click a link to comment.

Myspace watch your chick develop code

Myspace watch your chick develop code