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Man I've wanted to write something about Zamasu for such a long time now and I definitely didn't expect a what-if scenario to be my first time, but here it is! In case it confused you why Cell is even alive to begin with. But with that, I hope you enjoy my little one-shot and as always reviews are greatly appreciated! The tea was as pure and delicious as ever. Even after stirring it a third time, the brown substance stayed the same and didn't darken at all.

Perfect cell fanfiction

Perfect cell fanfiction

Perfect cell fanfiction

Perfect cell fanfiction

Wizards, Penguins, and Downtime Swinging his blade of purple energy in a surprisingly elegant fashion, Zamasu shot out several little ki blasts, which all bored into the Android's body in a fanfjction fashion. About Frieza and Cell. I would guess anything you can't digest would be vomited up. Man those alien slug demons sure have some useful stuff. Maybe Perfect cell fanfiction more of himself, necessarily, but Military pinup that was similar to him, not quite as perfect, to fight those who were too weak for him to be Perfect cell fanfiction. He folded his arms, closed his eyes and turned his back to her, huffing. To distract himself. With fanfictlon DNA repair mechanism alone we could build new xeno nucleic acids from scratch.

Years nude. Android Cell Fanart Fanfiction

Gohan thought Cell was either merely scared of his power or that Cell was playing another trick. In the middle were two people who were about to fight. Elbereth in April But what was there to do? It's time to bring this war to an end. Cell took his first step forward. T Super Rainbow Dash? You think it makes you an intellectual to think this way, but all ffanfiction do is make yourself look the fool. His power allows for a lot of creativity and versatility and he could probably do a lot in a fight if Prrfect weren't such an idiot. Night angel Of Rain 4 Ecll 21 thegreenpuma88 Perfect cell fanfiction He'd just lose again. Can you see I'm crying here because of all the damaged that's going Perfect cell fanfiction around the guild" the master cried. Who's there? Will they get together? As he walked around the area he saw other things that he thought as 'perfection'.

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A Cell of a Good Time You know. It isn't often you wake up somewhere unrecognizable from where you went to sleep. At least I assume it is not where I want to sleep. Hard to tell cause it's really dark in here. Also wet, like I'm in a big water balloon. Not water. You can't breathe water unless you're a fish. God I hope I'm not a fish. Oh, some light Whatever these walls are that is holding this water not-water is brown and full of veins.

I can make out light coming through, and I see shadows moving on the other side. Is this guy talking about me. I feel like he's talking about me. Cocoon huh. Well that raises a lot of questions I didn't really notice at first, but with that little bit of light coming through I can tell that my arm is green. There is something vaguely familiar about this arm.

Like I've seen it before. My arm is covered in an emerald green and lime green exoskeleton with these little irregularly shaped black spots. Also claws. Observing more of my alien form.

I can make out five fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot. Hi there Mr. So there is a tail coming out of my back. Not my pelvis. I have a Theory. It's a bit awkward moving my arm to my head, but as soon as my hand make contact with the horns I know exactly what, or rather who I am.

Holy shit I'm Cell. Dragon Ball Z Cell. Imperfect Cell to be precise. No lips. That's gonna be awkward to deal with. I'm guessing I'm stuck in a cocoon or I'm in some kinda exoskeleton I'm shedding from. Kinda weird mister gruff out there hasn't done anything about the blatant bug monster yet, then again Dragonball had dragons, dinosaurs, aliens, demons, and talking animals all over the goddamn place. Maybe this is just another Tuesday. So whatever. I can hear the sound of creaking as I struggled to pop out of this damn thing.

It's surprisingly durable, but this slit in the back is making it a bit easier. The breathable liquid, which I know now is some kinda amniotic fluid, spills to the floor, pooling around as my Wings are the first thing to make it out.

Are those wings? I think it's just a shell to protect wings. Like the kind you see on beetles. Either way my tail comes out next.

Cold out there that's for sure. I start rising, head, torso, arms You know, the essentials. Standing straight up I leap until I'm standing straight on top of the cocoon. Everything is blurry, but I was never one to let opportunity pass me by.

Are you supposed to be. Hard to tell who it is but that was second in my mind. For some reason, something else took my attention Hey quick question, do I kinda sound like a sick Plankton from Spongebob to you? Now that you mention it. Oh God The Smell Oh God I'm in a sewer! Also, Hi Crocodile Man. Can't recall any crocodile people in DBZ.

Then again, this is the universe with the talking pig. Reboot complete. How in the name of all things sane does that make any sense at all.

I guess that would just make too much sense. DC universe. Doesn't exactly narrow down where I am all that much. I mean How many DC continuities are there Like a few hundred. Probably can rule out the Super Friends Probably Adam West Batman to Which really is a shame The camp alone would have been worth the price of admission. I woke up as Cell, in DC universe for some reason, I have a lot of questions, but I have the strangest feeling I won't get any satisfactory answers beyond, just because.

In that case I ain't losing any sleep over it, might as well make the best of it. Killer Croc eh. So, why are you on my turf? Metamorphosis apparently.

Didn't sound like a threatening hiss. I think it's like how some people hum in confusion or acknowledgment. Only he probably doesn't have the right vocals to hum. What are you supposed to be anyway? An alien? Got it. Barked out Croc whatever outed a laugh.

I did not like seeing Crocs smile. Huh, just realized I don't really have anything to do at the moment. Hmmm, decisions, decisions. I'm currently Imperfect Cell stuck in the DC universe. This is a chance at a clean slate. U could do anything I wanted really. As far as I could tell I'm stuck here, so might as well make the best of it. Should I be a superhero? Nah, this is DC.

They're covered with superheroes. Maybe a supervillain It doesn't really ever end well for Supervillains in Comic Books. What to do, what to do? I sat on the cold wet floor legs and arms crossed, six feet away from a cannibalistic crocodile man eating someones arm.

Interesting first day I suppose. Is it cannibalism?

Mira sweat dropped. That wouldn't be a problem if Bakura wasn't the one teaching them Roycentric drabbles, mainly RoyEd and many other pairings! I can only wish to supplement its mystique with stories such as the one herein. Knock, knock.

Perfect cell fanfiction

Perfect cell fanfiction

Perfect cell fanfiction.


Zamasu vs Perfect Cell, a dragon ball super fanfic | FanFiction

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Kidnapped as a child and forced to live and work on a bustling, deceptive spacecraft as an adult, run by a poise, dangerous woman named Lady Sapphi, Karin deals with her day to day job as a barmaid in the stripclub region, seeing that there's truly no way out of this demeaning lifestyle.

That is until she has a surprising encounter with a biological android Cell, who grows more interested in her fighting abilities and gets him to sort of agree to assist her in an attempt to escape from the ship. However, it would prove to be a challenge due to Lady Sapphi's terrifying control over the business and her slaves, so Karin will need to strategize to and slip through the cracks. It doesn't help that not only does she gotta risk her loyalty and life to get out, but her heart might also be jeopardized when she suddenly grows feelings for Cell in the midst of the drama.

Will she ever be free of this dark place or will her fate be sealed and trapped forever? What happens when he has to fight Cell when he isn't strong enough to beat him? Well, obviously he would be beaten by the machine. But not if Frieza has anything to say about. This is a story of what might have been, if instead of Tarble being sent to a unknown world, was instead sent to earth.

The story originally does not intersect with the original story but even Tarble cannot resist his saiyan past. Join on the journey of the forgotten prince in the world of Dragon Ball. Years of happiness come crashing down with Frieza's sudden return. Alone and filled with rage, Cheppu heads to earth to undo what Frieza did to Cooler and his Squadron.

She makes some friends with familiar faces along the way, and soon finds herself tossed into a political power grab. Selari did not know she was Saiyan before Frieza came. Her parents had hoped to tell her when she was older, but fate had other plans. The Age is , and the Z Fighters are trying to quickly destroy the androids before it's too late. However, this story isn't just about the Z Fighters, but as well as an imperfect Cell that is scrounging around the earth seeking to perfect his perfect form.

Well, that is until he meets a frail, fearless human girl named Nova Everything changes for the best, or maybe even for the worst to come. Kale has spent years embroiled in therapy and medication to stave off troublesome symptoms and hallucinations. And for a time, she has been happy--enough. But one little space-skype call is all it takes to remind her that some things never really die Riha the Hero of Time had stopped the plans of Towa and Mira, but can she tackle her greatest challenge?

Changing the heart and mind of her new partner Razor. Find out in the first Tale of Riha and Razor. Takes place after Xenoverse 1, but pre Xenoverse 2. Pairng can be seen as OCxOC if you wish. See first chapter for further information. After planning on having the best summer with her family and friends, Kim receives an unexpected mission assigned by the General of Area After agreeing to this mission, everything takes a turn for the worse. Rated T for language and violence; ratings may alter in the near future.

Updates three times a week, full story is on FanFiction. Seven months ago you fought in a alien gladiator arena in an obscure alternate timeline and came out with a lovable family of eight humanoid bug aliens.

You love the seven children you adopted, but the father of said children is an ass. Just how are you going to teach him to behave like a functioning citizen of Conton City if he can't stop fighting with you for five seconds?

You are very patient, but he seems to be very good at wearing down your nerves. The Cell Games are interrupted and Cell gets pulled out of his dream of power and destruction. Dropped in a world that knows nothing of using energy, he struggles to find a way back across. Luckily, the company he finds himself with is more than happy to keep him hidden and entertained.

This is just a weird fantasy story I have. Reader is human, Cell has been on his absorbing rampage, but decides to give the reader a much more pleasurable fate after being humored and reader offering themselves as a sacrifice.

Takes place during the Android Saga where Cell hungers to complete himself, but what might happen if 18 fully believes the words of her "brother" about achieving perfection. Not for the faint of heart as this is a story that combines sexual desire with two androids one that is more insect than machine while the other looks human, but even now lacks the feelings and compassion to embrace acting like one.

And like most stories with Cell good old fashioned vore. Not for younger readers at all. We all know how it went all those years ago. Androids were activated, they kicked some asses, 18 kissed Krillin on the cheek, and the rest was history. But what if we did a little switcharoo involving a certain twin brother? No, not Juan Sanchez That'd just be silly.

For Mature Drabble Nights, which this was, it's 6 prompts with a word limit per prompt with a 50 word overlimit allowed and 40 minutes to write each prompt. Also, the night's theme is differs and remains unknown until the end when the night's banner of fanart is revealed.

With that It's the eve of the tournament against Cell to decide the fate of all on Planet Earth let alone the immediate fates of the Z Fighters and Future Trunks Briefs. Under this shadow, Vegeta watches his Earth family from a distance, both emotionally and physically, but AU: Dr. Gero and other scientists part of the Japanese Government creates Cell to be the perfect war weapon they might need in the future.

However, he breaks free of their hold and travels to Nara City. Mitsuna Yasuoka lives alone while her parents travel as archeologists over the world. One evening, she finds that Cell had wandered into her home and is now claiming that he will make this 17 year old girl his perfect bride. As someone newly introduced to the franchise, you ought to be super excited to find yourself thrust into the world of Dragon Ball Everyone is in peril as a new threat arises: Android 21 with her insatiable hunger, and a barrage of clones!

However, no one can fight without your help. Will you, a human from our dimension, be able to pull them out of this situation?! She kneels down, facing the baby carrier and skillfully shifts the infant to one arm while she removes the blanket covering the carrier. Krillin and Gohan tentatively lean forward to catch a glimpse of what was in it: another baby, a little bigger than the one Bulma carries. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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Perfect cell fanfiction

Perfect cell fanfiction

Perfect cell fanfiction