Professional resources for nurses-5 Top Online Nursing Education Resources

Careers in nursing are on the rise as the medical industry is expecting nearly 20 percent growth in the field by If you're considering becoming a nurse, getting a degree is an important starting point. Graduating with a master's degree in nursing, or MSN, will certainly get you noticed on the job market, but as you get further in your career, it's important to continue your nursing education using professional resources. The Internet is a fantastic place to do nursing research and brush up on what you learned at school. You will also be able to learn lots of new information which can help you in nursing leadership roles.

Professional resources for nurses

Mary C. This site will tell you everything you need to know about registering for the exam, testing locations and other information that may be helpful to you. Do you want to work in a hospital? This list is a great place to Joy nurse poke woman if you are looking for a professional nursing organization to join. These medical journals cover a wide range of topics pertinent to the nursing industry. Detention and Professional resources for nurses nurses can access this site for regulations for their facilities There nursees three sites for reference material if you work in a nursing home or long term care facility.

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In some cases, contact hours earned from a continuing medical education CME program can be counted toward certification or licensure renewal. Returning user. CE archive. Nursing Scholarships : This site has more than resources for scholarships and other financial aid. NLM also provides a directory nursfs topic specific queries for PubMed. PubMed Google Scholar. Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program : The Nursing Education Loan Professional resources for nurses Program offers registered nurses assistance to repay educational loans Professional resources for nurses exchange for service in nurrses facilities located in areas experiencing a shortage of nurses. Pricing is subject to change. Contact hour designation is typically reserved for education or learning activities Loving you girl lyrics enhance or extend a nurse's knowledge and performance. Objectives To what extent were the following objectives of this continuing education program achieved? Everyday Nurses : Convene with your colleagues on this nursing forum. They learn about their jobs and the expectations that accompany their new positions. Others face yearly competency validations and learning events with less enthusiasm. For practicing Professionzl, staying abreast Professionzl the latest research is both a professional responsibility, and in some cases, an organizational expectation.

Nursing is a constantly evolving landscape.

  • Nursing is a fast growing and widely-varied field.
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  • Careers in nursing are on the rise as the medical industry is expecting nearly 20 percent growth in the field by
  • Good writing skills are important in any professional context, but for nurses, they are especially important.
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Nursing is a constantly evolving landscape. And, as the demand for nurses grows—employment is expected to increase 15 percent through —more changes will occur. Interested in becoming a member of a professional organization? Need research tips for a school project? Suffering from nurse burnout?

Want to ask other nurses a question? Connect to official sites, forums, blogs and more. Boasting six membership categories, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners is the largest professional organization for NPs.

Get access to conferences, educational resources and more. The American Assembly for Men in Nursing provides professional support and advocacy for men in nursing. The organization aims to promote leadership and influence issues that affect male nurses. Representing both certified nurse-midwives and certified midwives, membership with the American College of Nurse-Midwives includes student and career resources, networking opportunities and updates on research and industry news.

Established in , American Forensic Nurses, Inc. While one of its main goals is to support its more than 4, members, the American Holistic Nurses Association also works hard to educate the public about this specialized field of nursing. Membership benefits include continuing education and research resources. The American Nurses Association focuses on credentials, practice, ethics, policy and health and safety. Members are given access to webinars, publications, conferences and savings on liability insurance.

Nursing informatics may be gaining steam now, but the American Nursing Informatics Association has been around since The organization is dedicated to advancing the field of nursing informatics with education, research and networking. From a collaborative community health model to partnerships, the organization—founded in —boasts 12 programs, an annual conference and several nursing awards.

More than 3, members enjoy benefits such as leadership development and continuing education. The organization provides professional certification, clinical resources and educational programs. From practical nursing to doctoral programs, the National League for Nursing counts more than 1, schools as members. By offering everything from student exam services to networking, NLN is one of the strongest advocates for nursing education.

The National Federation of Nurses aims to improve working conditions for RNs and strive for better patient outcomes. The labor union partners with various organizations to strengthen the voice of nurses.

The group advocates for VA nurses around the country. Founded in , the American Society of Registered Nurses promotes activism, innovation and change. Members benefit from networking, seminars, conferences and leadership opportunities.

The largest union and professional organization for registered nurses, National Nurses United promotes a number of campaigns including RN-to-Patient Staffing Ratios and Medicare for All. Founded in , the organization now nearly , member in each state. Representing more than , perioperative nurses, the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses AORN provides education, a peer-reviewed journal and leadership programs.

The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses dedicate much of their efforts toward professional development for members, public relations campaigns to promote the profession and advocacy.

From educational programs to advocay initiatives, the Association of Rehabiliation Nurses ARN offers members a range of benefits. Scholarships and internships are also available through ARN. Six membership levels are available ranging from Active to Retired. The non-profit organization works to promote regulatory excellence. From acute care to pain management, nurses can earn credentials in their chosen specialty.

ANCC also serves as an accreditation agency for continuing nursing education. Fend off pre-test jitters and get tips on what to expect on test day. What order should you display your nursing credentials? Find out the preferred order, which credentials to use and explanations about credentialing. Mary C. Smolenski explains the differences between the six types of credentials degree and licensure, to name a few , which credentials nurses have to use and what to do with multiple credentials.

Nurse educators can earn their professional credentials through the National League forNursing. With this certification, nurse educators demonstrate their professionalism. Want to learn more about the Zika virus? The American Nurses Association is a major proponent for continuing education and devotes an entire section of their website to the topic.

Their members have access to a catalog of courses, webinars and conferences. Topics include work-life balance and leadership. Search through a robust collection of nursing continuing education courses. Find what you need based on specialty, clinical category, topic or journal.

Nurses can even download an app allowing them to learn on the go. Where better to learn the latest about public health issues than the Center for Disease Control and Prevention? Start your search for nursing scholarships with Sigma Theta Tau International. The Honor Society of Nursing provides a brief list of organizations that provide funding to nursing students.

In an effort to promote nursing education research, the National League of Nursing offers research grants and scholarships for advanced nursing degree students. More details can be found on this page. Find eligibility requirements on the site. From general scholarship information to loan repayment facts, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing offers up a long list of resources to help nursing students finance their education.

The NURSE Corps Scholarship Program is a unique opportunity for aspiring nurses to earn money for school and work in an area where there is a nursing shortage for at least two years after graduation. Students enrolling in a diploma, undergraduate or graduate degree program are eligible. Already a registered nurse and paying back school loans? To receive the monetary benefits, nurses must agree to work in an underserved area in the U.

Scholarship availability varies by year, but the the American Assembly for Men in Nursing are another source for school funding. In support of nurses with disabilities, ExceptionalNurse. One way the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses promotes professional development is through scholarship opportunities. The organization provides limited funding to nurses who participate in continuing education. The American Association for the History of Nursing believes in looking back to move forward.

This professional organization serves as an educational resource and works to stimulate more interest in the nursing profession. Articles examine topics like the history of hospitals, 19th and 20th-century pediatrics and home care. Gain another nursing history perspective, this time from the American Red Cross. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing does more than set standards for nursing education.

It works to improve health care and garners support for the nursing profession. Its members have access to career guidance and other useful resources. Support comes in the form of networking opportunities, professional development and research grants. Are you an aspiring nursing student? The organization gives their seal of approval to certificate and degree programs that meet their rigorous standards. Designed for nursing faculty, the cultural competency guide provided by AACN includes a tool kit and documentation for undergraduate and graduate nursing students.

Citing Medicine includes advice on how to reference books, conferences and other materials. Find out on this review community site, built for nurses, by nurses. Take a virtual coffee break with a unique community of nurses to focus on how you take care of your patients and yourself.

With more than 1, conversation threads, this online forum brings nurses together to discuss everything from nurses in the media to the student journey. This travel nursing agency also offers a rich roundup of career development resources, including certification, articles, advice and more. The Association for Nursing Professional Development advances the profession with webinars, a professional journal, best practices and an annual convention.

Nursing informatics professionals, welcome to your online hub for job listings, networking, salary guides and education.

This site offers support and guidance to nurses at every stage of their careers—from student to novice to seasoned pro. More than a job board, this online resource also offers articles, webinars, newsletters, and even a digital kit for new nursing grads. The federal government offers a treasure trove of information about the nursing profession, from pay and job prospects to hazards and health risks.

Navigate the nursing profession with guidance from the American Nurses Association. This member-driven organization defines professional standards and offers positions on everything from staffing to social media.

Check in with Medscape for patient safety news and perspectives. Improve your nursing knowledge by reading the latest medical updates. Strategic directions for nursing, nurses in mental health and primary care case studies are just some of the topics explored by the World Health Organization.

Overwhelmed at the prospect of a job search? The American Nurses Association weighs in with four great ways to get it rolling. Also, find job opportunities and get insights into the profession. This comprehensive nursing jobs board offers a full range of listings that run the gamut from permanent placements to travel nursing assignments.

Travel Nurse Source provides tools and resources for nurses and nursing students as well as job placement for those looking to embark on a rewarding travel nurse career.

Graduating with a master's degree in nursing, or MSN, will certainly get you noticed on the job market, but as you get further in your career, it's important to continue your nursing education using professional resources. Nursing Resources Pubmed For Nurses A set of videos, designed specifically for nurses, provides an introduction to searching literature in PubMed. Regulatory agencies such as state boards serve to protect the role of nurses and ensure patient safety. Nurses must identify what type of structure works best for them and take responsibility for their own professional development. Featured Nurse Practitioner Programs.

Professional resources for nurses

Professional resources for nurses

Professional resources for nurses

Professional resources for nurses. Section 1: State Nursing Boards

These medical journals cover a wide range of topics pertinent to the nursing industry. If you are working toward getting a nursing degree , these scientific journals can be a great resource in helping you make career decisions post-graduation. The Health Resources and Services Administration, or HRSA, is working to ensure that everyone has access to a broad spectrum of public health services. They have several bureaus that are working to provide medical education to professionals in various fields.

Within the HRSA, the Bureau of Health Workforce is looking to address shortages of primary care physicians, dentists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in the United States. The bureau provides scholarships and loans to encourage nurses to work in underserved communities. This website provides links to a multitude of resources for nurses including lists of e-books, other nursing websites, dissertations, anatomy resources, and much more. The site itself is a great jumping-off point for nurses looking to build up online nursing resources.

Furthermore, the Nursing and Allied Health Resources section has links to style and plagiarism guides, powerful tools for those that have not written papers. The anatomy resources page provides connections to online activities and nursing games, compiling some of the most interesting videos and studies from a wide range of universities and higher education institutions.

There is also a compilation of medical databases. For those currently receiving an online nursing education , this resource is hugely important in helping you research and write papers. Perhaps one of the most beneficial features of Nurse.

Gather insights from other nursing students to get the most out of your educational experience. The website also includes educational and professional advice, as well as career resources. Moreover, Nurse. If you are attending a university currently or plan to in the future, this resource is invaluable to help you learn about nursing education and nursing leadership opportunities. For anyone who is currently working as a nurse, or for those who are looking to go back to school and continue their nursing education , these online professional resources can be extremely important to help you continue your learning and growth opportunities.

Our focus on your success starts with our focus on four high-demand fields: K—12 teaching and education, nursing and healthcare, information technology, and business. Every degree program at WGU is tied to a high-growth, highly rewarding career path. Which college fits you? Want to see all the degrees WGU has to offer? View all degrees. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites.

NLM also provides a directory of topic specific queries for PubMed. Also see: Clinical Alerts and Advisories. Bookshelf Bookshelf provides free online access to books and documents in life science and healthcare. ClinVar A resource to provide a public, tracked record of reported relationships between human variation and observed health status with supporting evidence. Find more resources on genetics and medicine from NLM. DailyMed Search a database of the most recent drug labels also called package inserts submitted to the FDA.

Drugs, Herbs and Supplements Learn about your prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines. Includes side effects, dosage, special precautions, and more. MedlinePlus Health Information Trusted health information about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues for patients and their family and friends.

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Professional resources for nurses