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Most people use their real name. Here's what you're missing out on! Show more. Let's cook! Log into your Myspace to find out: [ht. Layout Tip: To install a new MySpace layoutsimply copy the code from the layout you want and paste it into your 'About Me' section. Chance the Rapper Sexy myspace items the grass isn't always greener in video for 'We Go High' The video sees the rapper wade through the skeletons in his closet. Viewed times! St Vincent myspacd opening her own champagne bar in London next month Raise a glass to souvenir. Date of Birth? Ex: myspace. This is your profile URL. StreamMix Mix Photo.

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The case comes as prosecutors nationwide pursue child pornography cases resulting from kids sending nude photos to one another over cell phones and e-mail. MySpace would not comment on the New Jersey investigation, but the company has a team that reviews its network for inappropriate images. The office investigated for a month and discovered the Clifton resident had posted the "very explicit" photos of herself, sheriff's spokesman Bill Maer said Thursday.

The girl posted the photos because "she wanted her boyfriend to see them," he said. It is not a crime to view the photos, Maer said, but it is illegal to download them. Authorities are looking at additional arrests but have no plans to charge people who accidentally viewed the photographs, such as any of friends who have access to the girl's profile.

Investigators are looking at individuals who "knowingly" committed a crime, he said, declining to comment further because the case is still being investigated. The teen, whose name has not been released because of her age, was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography and distribution of child pornography. She was released to her mother's custody. If convicted of the distribution charge, the girl would be forced to register with the state as a sex offender under Megan's Law, said state Attorney General Anne Milgram.

Some observers - including the New Jersey mother behind the creation of Megan's Law - are criticizing the move to prosecute teens who send racy text messages or post illicit photos. Maureen Kanka - whose daughter, Megan, became the law's namesake after she was raped and killed at age 7 in by a twice-convicted sex offender - blasted authorities for charging the year-old girl.

She should have an intervention and counseling, because the only person she exploited was herself. Called "sexting" when it's done by cell phone, teenagers' habit of sending sexually suggestive photos of themselves and others to one another is a nationwide problem that has confounded parents, school administrators and law enforcers. Prosecutors in states including Pennsylvania, Connecticut, North Dakota, Ohio, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin have tried stop it by charging teens who send and receive the pictures.

In northeastern Pennsylvania, a prosecutor recently threatened to file child porn charges against three teenage girls who authorities say took racy cell-phone pictures that ended up on classmates' cell phones. Milgram, the attorney general, could not recall another case in New Jersey in which a youth was charged with child porn for posting photos of themselves to a social networking site. She cautioned parents to get on those sites and monitor what their kids are talking about and posting.

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Please call You have free articles remaining. Subscribe or log in to continue. The teens are making poor choices by posting nude images but aren't pedophiles, she said.

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