Canine lust-

The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. The Essay is a daily personal piece submitted by a reader. Have a story to tell? See our guidelines at tgam. When it comes to close female friends, there is one cardinal rule: Never, under any circumstances, fall for your girlfriend's object of affection.

Canine lust

Canine lust

Show comments. But I couldn't bring myself to knock on her door. I didn't know how to stand, Cankne to do with my hands, where to look. Henry David Thoreau writes about a "subtle magnetism in nature. I get a lot of spam. I knew I needed to Canine lust myself on a short leash. Contributed to The Globe and Mail.

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What is dental implant gawd. He was already so excited from being next to that female dog that he had been pacing the floor and licking himself all night. His squirts turned to dribbles Canine lust a few more thrusts, and he popped out of me with a forceful yank, making me scream, again. Know that…. Canine lust Rex's Canihe slowed, the faltered. Aww, thank you so much! Just kind of let him rub around on your skin would do it, I think. Then, her face flushing with depraved excitement, she slowly reached down and began stroking Canine lust young cock. A second later Rex was on her, his stiff cock ticking madly as he lunged at her bouncy ass. I was lifted up by my leash, coughing and choking as I quickly pushed myself back up. I mean. Candi bobbed her head up and down, fucking the dog with her Caanine. And he smacked my ass again. Her soft fingers slowly trailed up my leg, her long nails tickling at my bare skin.

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  • This is a fictional story involving the sexual situations between a minor and adults, adults and animals, interracial sex, cuckolding, Spying, voyeurism, drugging and non-consensual sex acts.
  • These are stories about my adventures having raunchy sex.
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The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. The Essay is a daily personal piece submitted by a reader. Have a story to tell? See our guidelines at tgam. When it comes to close female friends, there is one cardinal rule: Never, under any circumstances, fall for your girlfriend's object of affection.

Go ahead and covet her new Prius. Lust after her black, strappy, rocker-chic heels. Even fantasize about her lush wraparound sofa with the washable slipcover. You may think the two of them won't last possible. Perhaps you've convinced yourself the two of you would be better together maybe so. I am a good friend. I would never go there. Not intentionally. But there are some things in life you simply do not choose — they choose you.

And that is precisely how it happened to me. I fell head over heels, completely and stupidly, for my girlfriend's paramour. The mortifying part is that it wasn't her human love interest I was wild about, but the next closest thing — her day-to-day companion, trusted friend and constant protector. Yes, I fell for Java, my girlfriend's pound, drooling love-machine-of-a-dog. I know what you're thinking, but this was no puppy love.

It was real. Deeply, embarrassingly real. I've never been a dog person. I don't remember ever begging for one as a kid. Sure, I sobbed at the end of Marley and Me, but didn't everyone?

Then I met Her, and something in me I thought couldn't possibly exist suddenly woke up, screaming: my alter-ego, unleashed. It all started as a simple favour: dog-sitting for close friends during their Christmas vacation. They were planning to board their adored yellow Labrador and I figured that was no way for anyone, animal or not, to spend the holidays.

Besides, it would be fun for my husband and me to play pet owners for the winter break. When we didn't bite, she dropped off Java's things — bowl, brush, leash and a few little extras. Except for her crate, Java came with little baggage. She was uncomplicated and eager to jump into this, her tail wagging. A caution would have been nice. Something along the lines of: "You may become deeply attached.

Tread carefully. I never would have thought I needed it. Frankly, Java is not my type. No canine is. I've never felt comfortable with the closeness read: slobbering that I've watched others share with their pets.

That is, until She came along. She's so easy to love — so carefree, playful, familiar — that I convinced myself our connection was unique. Surely she couldn't be like this with everyone? Clearly, I should have read up on Labs. That first night, I put her in her crate to sleep.

She looked at me as if I'd thrown her to the dogs. I knew what she was thinking: It was our first date; we'd shared so much. How could I? The next morning, I took her for our first solo walk. When we bounded back in the door, my husband stared at me, taken aback. I was red-cheeked, invigorated — in love. What can I say? Java had a way with me. It was more than her alluring friskiness and never-ending affection. With her I felt connected to something bigger, something outside myself.

Henry David Thoreau writes about a "subtle magnetism in nature. The truth is, I was a happier person with her in my life. How would I ever let her go? When my girlfriend got home from her holidays, she was anxious to have her baby home. I was reluctant to watch my baby leave, not to mention nervous about seeing my good friend again. I was supposed to have taken care of her significant other, not tried to steal her away. It was the ultimate betrayal. Eventually, the phone call I had been dreading came one Friday night.

It would be a weekend break-up. Tragically poetic. As I anticipated the knock on the door, my body suddenly felt awkward. I didn't know how to stand, what to do with my hands, where to look. When my girlfriend finally burst through the door, her dog — our dog — couldn't contain herself. Hugs, kisses, an emotional reunion — but none of it with me. I tried not to make eye contact with either of them, not wanting to get into a dog fight over whose love was more purebred.

The answer was obvious. The other day, I thought of taking Java for a walk. But I couldn't bring myself to knock on her door. I knew I needed to keep myself on a short leash. We needed a clean break. At least I did. Lately, I've started telling friends I'm getting a dog. Yes, a yellow Lab. Fatal Attraction -esque, perhaps, but I don't care. Next time, and there will be a next time, I'll be ready.

When love comes my way again, I won't let it walk out the door on all fours. Angela Yazbek lives in Toronto. This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff. Non-subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way.

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And I felt his knot. The next update is including climaxed poses for enemies when they are defeated, hopefully you enjoy! I knew that she enjoyed it and would do it again I just had to set up the right kind of situation. I felt his drool running down my shoulders… Pooling in the small of my back before dripping down my sides. I could feel my stomach sliding in the puddle on the bench, as the Lab reared back and shoved again, taking me in short, hard, powerful strokes.

Canine lust

Canine lust

Canine lust

Canine lust

Canine lust. Post navigation

Candi hurried into her dressing room and peeled off her light cotton dress. She was a plump, busty temptress: a big beautiful woman with a lush hourglass figure. From her huge tits to her chubby bottom, Candi's body was so luscious that she had done very well as a specialty-act exotic dancer at the Kit Kat. Even the men who came to watch the regular strippers had to admit Candi's plentiful charms excited them in an urgent primal way the slimmer girls didn't. Candi's big bottom rolled enticingly as she moved about the room, her plump bottom cheeks straining against the confines of her black lace panties.

Her huge breasts jiggled in her black lace bra as she stepped from the closet to a full-length mirror. In the reflection Candi's long dark hair framed a lovely face, square and full but with deep warm eyes. She admired herself in the mirror, running her hands over her body. She slid her palms down her soft belly and back across her wide ass, then up to cup her big breasts. She loved feeling the heavy weight of them, and she brushed her wide brown nipples through the sheer fabric, delighting in the sensation when they stiffened.

She couldn't wait to feel her Rex's hot wet tongue all over them! After a touch-up to her makeup Candi strolled into the bedroom. She stopped short at the doorway and felt a wave of lust overtake her.

There was Rex, laying on the bed in all his glory. Rex was a German shepherd. Rex was lying on Candi's bed, his black and tan fur contrasting with the red satin bed spread. Candi saw the tip of his pink cock just beginning to show out of its fur sheath and his swollen balls hanging out between his back legs.

Candi crawled onto the bed, rolling her big hips sexily. She lay down on her side and curled up behind her dog, hugging him and rubbing her nearly-naked body across his back.

Candi's erect nipples brushed against the dog's sleek coat through her bra. The sensation sent waves of pleasure coursing through her and the plump girl could feel her lust starting to boil. Hot juice from her wet cunt began to seep through her panties as his stiff fur teased her pussy. Candi pressed her pussy against her dog, causing her lips to spread and his fur to caress her throbbing clit through her thin panties. Candi's love juice mingled with his animal musk and the scent drove her wild.

The horny girl was too excited to tease herself for long -- after a minute of this sexy squirming Candi rolled the willing canine on to his back. With a giggle she crawled on top of him, straddling him below the ribs in the process.

Then, bracing herself on the headboard, Candi lowered her enormous breasts down towards the dog's muzzle. The dog loved big breasts! Candi sat up, then reached behind her back and undid her bra.

Candi's huge breasts bounced free: round and creamy and capped by wide brown aureoles. The horny girl leaned forward again, sighing with pleasure as Rex's hot wet tongue flashed out to slurp across one huge breast, then the other. The dog licked like a thirsty puppy. Candi gasped as his rough pink tongue passed over her big brown nipples, each stroke sending thrills of pleasure through her body.

Rex squirmed and lapped greedily at Candi's big tits, growling deep in his throat. Again and again Rex lashed his long tongue up the underside of Candi's big breasts and then swirled it around her stiff nipples. Watching the erotic scene in a bed-side mirror, Candi shivered with delight at what she saw: with every lick at her big tits, the dog's pulsing erection grew longer and stiffer.

Do they make you want to hump? Candi gazed in the mirror at the dog's glistening boner: it was at least nine inches long from tip to base, pink and pulsing with erotic need.

Candi lifted her tits away from the lapping dog and quickly dismounted him. As horny as he was, Rex knew enough to stay put. Candi bent down and kissed the tip of the dog's cock, her tongue emerging from parted lips to tease the hot shaft. She pressed her lips to the tip, gently sucking the head, and the dog wiggled as his balls tightened in her hand. Candi released the head and began lightly licking up and down the shaft, bringing even more growls and whimpers from Rex's throat.

Squirming between her dog's back legs, Candi sucked his ball sack between her lips, rolling each firm testicle around in her mouth. Now drops of the dog's pre-cum had begun to trickle out of his boner. Candi moved back up to the head of his cock and plunged it all the way into her mouth, letting it bulge out in her cheeks as she bobbed her head.

Candi bobbed her head up and down, fucking the dog with her mouth. She squeezed his balls lightly, while running her tongue around the whole of his rod.

Even more of his pre-cum sprayed out and Candi savored the taste of her pet's hot jizz, moaning while she sucked. Candi's head bobbed up and down as she tongued and teased her horny pet's erection, savoring the meaty tang of his burning prick. Finally the plump stripper tightening her lips around the base and slowly, sluttily, slid the dog's boner out of her mouth like a naughty schoolgirl sucking a lollipop. Mommy could suck your dick all night," the plump girl moaned.

The black lace stretched over her wide hips and bottom before rolling down over her thighs. A few wiggles and a girlish flick of her toe sent the damp undergarment over the side of the bed. Ordinarily Rex would have raced after such a tasty treat, but the dog knew far better things lay in store. Straightening herself up, Candi straddled Rex again, forcing his back legs apart with her lush thighs.

Candi let out a long sigh of pleasure as she guided her juicy cunt down onto the dog's hard boner. The sensation of it's pointy head parting the folds of her pussy sent a chill through her, and then the plump brunette moaned in depraved pleasure as his hot shaft eased all the way up, balls deep.

Her pussy lips squeezed his shaft as she settled her chubby ass down. Rex's boner felt like a bar of hot iron, the head of his penis throbbed steadily in Candi's womb as her pussy sucked as his shaft. Candi loved the feeling of Rex's swollen balls squishing under her springy ass cheeks. It wouldn't be long until Candi teased and squeezed a hot juicy load of semen from them, and she wiggled her plump ass against Rex's balls in anticipation.

Candi slowly raised her big bottom. Peering over her shoulder in the mirror she could see her plump pussy lips clinging and sucking at the dog's quivering erection as the shaft emerged.

When just the head of Rex's cock was inside her Candi paused. She bowed her back sexily and eased herself back down onto the fleshy pole, sighing with passion as all nine inches slowly sank into her hot juicy cunt. Up and down, up and down Candi teased her panting dog with long slow strokes. Rex's hard penis stirred the lust in her belly with each thrust and she began to pick up speed. Candi switched between long down thrusts, delighting in her plump ass squishing his canine balls, and short quick strokes that rubbed his cock-head against her clit.

Each thrust sent hotter and hotter waves of heat through her loins. Candi could feel her sweet pussy juices flowing out of her cunt, further lubricating the dog's hard pole. Rex's boner was ticking madly, his squirts of hot pre-cum tickling the walls of Candi's swollen pussy. Candi lowered her fat tits down to the dog's muzzle and Rex began to slurp and lap at her nipples once again. Candi squirmed up and down on top of Rex, swinging her heavy breasts across the dog's flashing tongue.

Rex was lost in a haze of doggy lust, hovering deliciously on the edge of cumming. Candi's big nipples slid and teased across his tongue, making his aching doggy dick quiver with lust.

Her soft bottom rubbed and bounced on his big balls as if to squeeze his cum out, and every thrust of his steely boner into her cunt sent waves of lust through both of the bestial lovers. Candi watched herself in the mirror, loving the way her curvaceous flesh bounced and jiggled as she rode her doggy's hot dick. Rex whimpered under his mistress as she rolled her hips, working her pussy around his cock like a juicy nut on a bolt.

Candi rolled her big bottom, bouncing it on his swollen balls -- she wanted her doggy to cum! Suddenly Rex let out a strangled yelp. The dog's spine stiffened and his boner twitched. He squirmed and thrust under Candi's lush body and his balls finally exploded. The dog's wet tongue slurped greedily all over Candi's breasts as his boner spat out a thick spray of hot jizz. Candi wailed with pleasure and bounced her ass on the dog's swollen balls until she'd squeezed all his cream out.

Candi sighed happily and dismounted, then rolled over beside Rex. The two lovers rested together for a few minutes, but the plump brunette wasn't done yet. Neither was Rex! Candi soon sucked her dog's cock into another hard erection and then got on to her hands and knees. Rex hurried behind Candi as she leaned forward on the bed, her huge tits squashed against the red satin bed spread.

Candi drew her legs tight together and bowed her back sexily; her beautiful plump ass pushed upwards toward the horny dog. Candi wiggled her wide hips. A second later Rex was on her, his stiff cock ticking madly as he lunged at her bouncy ass. The dog's hot erection slid up a cheek, then against her thighs, then finally between Candi's plump pussy lips. Candi squealed eagerly and bowed her back even more as Rex gripped her hips. The dog strained forward and sank his long boner into the plump stripper's juicy cunt.

Rex hunched over Candi's chubby ass, his long red cock pumping in and out of her. Candi's big tits squashed out beneath her as she rocked back and forth. She pushed her ass back onto Rex's boner with every thrust, then squeezed her pussy around his glistening shaft as the dog withdrew; both of them loving the feeling of his hot shaft slithering between her pussy lips. Your cock is so long!

It's so hot in my pussy, boy! The big dog gripped Candi's narrow waist, pumping her pussy deep and slow. He quivered with delight, his furry loins straining and corkscrewing against Debbie's plump bum as he urged his long boner into her again and again.

The bed squeaked over and over, faster and faster until both of the lovers came again. Candi's pretty toes curled with pleasure as Rex gripped her hips and squirted her pussy full of hot doggy-cum. Part 2 Rex was now a fully grown dog, but it was only last summer that he had been a frisky pup. Cleo, another dancer at the club, had begged Candi to look after him for a few weeks.

A week few weeks had turned into a month, then two. By then Candi had fallen in love with the growing pup and begged Cleo to let her keep him. Not long afterward her special relationship with Rex had begun. Late one night Candi had been at home watching TV.

Candi was alone and horny, struggling hard to keep her mind off her lust and on the movie she'd rented -- she had smoked some pot to relax and now faced a long night of masturbating herself into a frustrated slumber.

The stripper's solitary reverie was broken when a soft lapping sound startled her. MrTooL September 02 , Deleted Profile September 28 , MILF has fun with a dog outside and uses his cock. Anal banging with a dog. Sweet chubby blonde midget newcomer stretches her pussy Awesome insertion movie featuring a fresh-faced cougar Heavily pierced slut punishing her pussy and fucking her Woman plays with a dog and lets him slide into her wet Slut stretching her ass with a giant cucumber.

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Every comment that's been made recently has shown up at Google Plus and not here. Why is that? If you have enjoyed any of my work, please leave a short comment. It may not appear immediately because it comes to me first for moderation. I get a lot of spam. Your comments help raise my spirits and support my belief that someone cares enough to say so.

Watching dogs mate isn't my favorite activity. But this was MY dog mating, my Bear, the surprise doggie love of my life. We acquired Bear in a last-second rescue from a puppy mill. I've told that story elsewhere. Sometimes Fox that's my partner takes Bear to the grocery, all eight pounds of him, snugged in a sling.

Fox was putting items into her basket when she was approached by a husky woman in her late forties. She smiled and made kissy sounds. Bear's lips rose to reveal his teeth, a sign that he did not appreciate being patronized. The stranger retreated a few steps. Fox nodded. What do you think? The dog's name was Snickers. The phone rang, the heat was on and I was designated the Master of Ceremonies. Bear stands six inches from the ground at the shoulders.

He would never win a blue ribbon or Best Of anything unless it was a dog show run by old beatniks on Quaaludes. It's strangely deceiving to describe Bear as tiny. He has short legs and a round powerful torso. If I had four of him they could pull a sled through the snow. There was a knock at the door.

I pulled the screen back to open. There was no ceremony, no meeting and greeting as Snickers' owner left her bitch with me. I'll see you tomorrow night around five," she said. Snickers and Bear had a whiff of each other and without foreplay or so much as a hello, Snickers lifted her tail and accepted Bear's pursuit.

It was clear from the outset that we had a problem. Snickers stood nine inches tall at the shoulder. Bear looked like a sixth grader dancing with a girl who towers over him.

So far Bear had been a masturbator. He loyally and monogamously humped a stuffed toy dog named Greta. He got it right; he knew Greta's business end. He pulled at her ear, beat her up a little bit, jumped and humped for a while before dismounting. Greta was the perfect size and she obeyed implicitly. Bear would beat her up again, hop on and hump some more.

Bear's humping was so enthusiastic that he literally launched himself into the air. All four feet left the ground as he banged away. When Bear went into this amatory activity, Fox and I had to look away. Otherwise we would start laughing out loud, and Bear's sense of dignity would have been damaged. I am not being facetious. Snickers was not Greta.

She was alive. She moved. She wagged her tail in the air, and the fug of pheromones filled the room with flirty invitation. Snickers wasn't much to look at. She was a stringy toy poodle, dark brown, with a long pointed nose. She growled but we were told in advance that growling was her only means of vocal expression. There was no explanation why this was so. It was a simple fact.

It made Snickers seem as if she had a grievance with the world. Bear didn't care. Bear had the whiff and was panting as he followed Snickers around the small front room of our RV. I must remind you, we live in an RV. There wasn't any hiding place, no love nest or cozy nook where the two could go off and get acquainted.

That isn't the way dog mating works. The act of copulation must be witnessed. And, hopefully, repeated as often as possible. Snickers' business end was a little bit too high for Bear. He was game, oh yes. He got up on his hind legs and tried to mount the tall girl.

Snickers kept walking in figure eights. I had the feeling she'd done this before. In fact, Snickers was a bit long in the tooth. Snickers was pushing the dog equivalent of forty. We hadn't known any of this. Our deal was simple. We would get one puppy from the litter. Bear tried grabbing her around the waist with his front legs.

Snickers kept her tail up and her parts ready for action, but she wasn't helping poor Bear. She kept walking figure eights, up and down, round and round. She dragged the grappling Bear along with her, growling all the way.

Bear tried jumping. He hopped on Snickers' back but the angle was all wrong. He slid back to the ground without gaining purchase. I felt awful for Bear. His eyes held a bewildered sorrow. His tongue. He tried grabbing one of Snicker's hind legs and climbing. Snickers walked around the room with Bear attached to her svelte but aging body. I tried not to laugh. I have learned that Bear is capable of suffering acute embarrassment. Is that a stretch for you? That dogs can be embarassed?

I've learned that animals have complex emotional lives. The best I can do is try to understand their feelings. Bear was caught between humiliation and lust. In the hierarchy of instinct, lust wins out. Bear wasn't going to quit until he reached his goal. I tried to help by putting phone books under Bear's legs. I was crawling around thrusting books, cushions and boxes to elevate him to the action position, but of course nothing helped because the two dogs were in constant motion and weren't about to stop and think things through.

I believe Bear felt a little better, though, because I was making such a fool of myself. It just didn't work. Now and then Snickers would turn her head to look at Bear and growl.

That was the only sound she knew how to make. I might have hoped for a more supportive partner for my boy, but fate had brought the couple together and fate would determine the outcome.

I sat at my computer while all this strenuous activity went on under and around my chair.

Canine lust

Canine lust